Recovery + Hair Transplant

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How Long After Hair Transplant Surgery Can One Comfortably Go out in Public?

Obviously anyone considering a hair transplant procedure is hoping to improve their outward appearance, but for those of us hoping to do so with... READ MORE

How Long Until I Can Work out After Hair Transplant Surgery?

I had hair transplant one month ago. Can I go to the gym and workout (gym exercises) now? Please tell me. READ MORE

Is It Difficult to Hide Hair Restoration Surgery?

I'm almost 24 and have a receding hairline. I talked to a doctor about it and I should get about 1400 grafts. I don't appear to be losing hair... READ MORE

Finasteride side effects recovery?

I was using hairfin (finasteride) for 6 months then i noticed my morning erection was gone and i think it has affected my sex drive but last week i... READ MORE

Red scalp after Hair Transplant ( hair graft). Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I had the HT done 2,5 months ago and I still have the redness on the grafted area on my head . I am very confused .There are some information on... READ MORE

Can I use a saline spray after my hair transplant?

Is saline spray safe to use after a hair transplant to help with recovery? READ MORE

I had a hair transplant 6 weeks ago in Turkey. I had 3600 grafts @ longevita (Photo)

I'm wondering if you can tell from my pictures if everything look ok and my recovery is going well Most of the hair has fallen because of shedding but... READ MORE

I am considering getting hair transplants. I have a bad widows peak; options? (Photos)

My hairline is bad and I can't pull my hair back. My father has some balding in the back as well and we want to go together! I have had many issues... READ MORE

After mustache or beard transplantation is there any effect to the existing hair (the hair which is near to transplanted hair) ?

Sir I have undergone mustache transplantation treatment 3 weeks back. But after the treatment it looks like my existing hair is not growing properly.... READ MORE

Bumps after beard transplant; any further treatment that can recover my skin?

I have beared transplant 5 months before. Now at 5 months after I shave recipient area I see some bumps,along all the area. I want to know how these... READ MORE

Donor area still itching with a lot of red spots 6 weeks after transplant; is this normal? (Photos)

6 weeks after hair transplan my donor area still have red spot and itch as well as still not recover . Also when i wash i see lossing alot of hair ,... READ MORE

I'm not exactly sure about how I should move forward on this. (photos)

I'd like to know what I'm excepting to spend. How many grafts I'll need, and how long the recovery time will be. I can only get off of work for 2... READ MORE

I smoked after hair transplant and I'm worried that I might have lost a lot of grafts. Is recovery possible?

I had a hair transplant about 7 weeks ago and I have been constantly smoking around 1 cigarette a day and I also had taken alcohol twice. I'm worried... READ MORE

Facial Hair Transplant Recovery Question- face is still very red and developing cystic acne in recipient area. (photos)

I am two months out of surgery and still very red in the recipient zone. All of the hairs were transplanted into mustache and goatee area and now this... READ MORE

Is it possible to transplant hair from my head to my armpits? I don't have body hair left to use it for the transplant (Photo)

I am a 37 year old Hispanic male. About 10 years ago I had laser hair removal on my armpits. I want a hair transplant to get VERY, VERY hairy armpits.... READ MORE

Skin scalp recovery after Hair transplant %?

I just wanna know as norm after hair transplant, the receipient area can back to its original status and if it is not fully recovered how much as... READ MORE

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