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Why Didn't Hair Transplant Work?

After receiving 1000 follicular units to my hairline 14 months ago, nothing has grown in. In fact, I continue to recede. During this time, I was put... READ MORE

What are my options to treat my high, broad forehead and receding hairline? (Photo)

I am a male in my mid-twenties. I've always had a high, broad forehead but as I have gotten older and began receding it has increased and I feel like... READ MORE

How is Recession Years After a Hair Transplant?

Is hair transplant surgery a long-term solution to baldness? For example, if someone gets a hair transplant surgery at age 35, how natural will it... READ MORE

How can I get my hair back naturally? Is there a routine I should follow or foods I should eat to help? (Photo)

Hello Doctor: I am 18yrs old male.I'm suffering severe hair loss in my forehead,im really deprresed,please help me out in this to regrow my hair,My... READ MORE

21 years old receding hairline, what age could I have surgery? (Photo)

I'm self conscious about my hairline as I am 21 & it has receded considerably in the last 3 years, my father is half bald & still has hair on his... READ MORE

24 years old, hairline has been receding for 5 years. Am I a good candidate for Hair Transplant? (photo)

I'm 24 years old and my hair has been receding for the last 5 years. My hair is pretty thick everywhere else. Just the hairline keeps rising. READ MORE

Am I too young for Hair Transplant to fix receding hairline from excessively wearing headbands during sports?

Growing up I played a lot of tennis and b/c of this, I frequently wore a headband to keep my hair out of my face. Now, that I'm no longer playing, I... READ MORE

28 days post op Neograft, I noticed quite a bit of grafts have fallen off. Is this normal? (photo)

Hi, I am 28 days post Neograft... Up until about 3 weeks post transplant I had not lost to many grafts that were implanted (for receding hairline).... READ MORE

What to do with receding hairline? (photos)

My hair is receding and i know there are nothing to do but i notice that i have some little hair in my receding hairline that dont grow waht to do pls... READ MORE

Hair Was Pulled Out With Thinning Shears - What Kind of Treatment is There? (Photo)

Here are photos of my head shaved an one of how my hair was before cut at a number 3 guard.I had a ton of hair pulled out by a barber with a pair of... READ MORE

I'm 19 years-old and I'm already experiencing thinning hair. Will hair transplant surgery be effective for me? (Photo)

As previously stated, I'm 19 years-old and already experiencing thinning hair. My family has a history of male pattern baldness. When I'm partaking in... READ MORE

I have a receding hairline. How can I regrow my hair? I'm 23 (Photo)

I am 23 years old. from child age till now i don't have proper hair on my forehead. my hair is curly as well so that i cant pull it downward to cover... READ MORE

Can my hairline be restored and/or possibly lowered a bit with lasting results? (photos)

Is it possible to restore and lower my receding hairline and if so, what procedure would you suggest? At 33 yrs old I still have plenty of thick hair... READ MORE

How much would it cost for a hair transplant? I have a receding hairline (Photo)

How much would it cost for a hair transplant if i wanted to lower my hairline ? READ MORE

I'm a 29 year old male with balding crown and receding hairline. Would a hair transplant look natural and how any grafts?(photo)

Am I too far gone for a naturally looking hair transplant? What are my realistic expectations and how many grafts would it take? Could I seemingly... READ MORE

65% of my transplant has fallen out. What can I do?

I had 6000 grafts done 8 years ago. 2 years ago it started to thin. My hairline has receded just as it did initially. I use rogain but hasn't helped.... READ MORE

I'm 20 year old healthy male considering hair grafts, what is recommended? Aside from age, this seems ongoing (photo)

Since high school I started noticing my hair thinning & noticing my scalp more, some peers would point it out too. Unfortunately it's a major self... READ MORE

Is hair transplant an option? I'm 25 yr old Male, curly hair. (photos)

I'm 25 years old and have just recently been introduced to the possibility of a hair transplant As a child and up until now, I have always had what... READ MORE

Are 2'000 grafts enough to get a satisfying result? (photos)

On the attached pictures one can see my current "problem zone." Both, left and right I have a problem in the receding hairline zone. the second... READ MORE

Getting a hair transplant at 21-22? (Photo)

So, I'm 21 and I noticed at about 18 that I started balding. I'm guessing it started much earlier though as I had long hair and couldn't really notice... READ MORE

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