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How many grafts will I need to fill in the temple area? I do understand that the hair loss would worsen over time (Photo)

Just curious how many grafts will I need to fill in the temple area, I do understand that the hair loss will worsen over time but I'm just curious how... READ MORE

After 7 months can you check the result? (Photo)

I already posted some question now again after 7 months. I want to tell that in this 7 months There is no hairs shed even not a single hair. They are... READ MORE

Follow-up. How many hair grafts? (Photo)

HI everyone thanks for all the comments. However I only want to bring it down not even half an inch and add density to the lighter areas...I spoke... READ MORE

How many grafts do I need? (Photo)

I am 30 years old..im thinking of getting hair transplant.. How many graft do i need.? Plz help READ MORE

Will 2000 grafts be enough to get full beard outline coverage? (Photo)

Hello I am of Asian decent and I really want a beard pattern on my face. I do not care about density or thickness. I just really want the outline of a... READ MORE

How many grafts do I need to cover bald areas? (Photo)

My age is 24. I am having hairloss problem from last 7 years. Hair color: Black. My father is half bald. My hairloss problem has stopped but I need to... READ MORE

Most hair loss is on the crown. How many grafts would I need? (Photo)

Most hair loss is on the crown. How many grafts would I need? 54 year old READ MORE

How many grafts needed for mid and crown area of head? (Photo)

I am planning to go for hair transplant for my crown and mid head area. could any please tell me how many grafts would be needed? earlier last year i... READ MORE

Hair transplant doctor performed 50% less grafts than promised. Is this common?

Started losing hair at 22, went to doc with national reputation. Told me they would not do transplant until I was older. At 28 agreed to do my... READ MORE

I'm going bald, and losing hair in temple and crown areas. I want to try hair transplant. How many grafts are needed? (Photo)

My hair is losing daily hundreds of hair,and have dandruff,if it cured dandrufdandruff,can regrow of hair,and how many grafts is need to get natural... READ MORE

Will my hair transplant give me good results? (Photo)

I have been suffering from hair loss for about 5 years since i was 25 years, and it kinda ruined many things in my life, so i had a hair transplant... READ MORE

i am 26 and I've lost almost 90% of my hair. How many grafts do I need for my transplantation? (Photo)

Tell me exact number grafts that i need and how much number of sittings i need for transplantation and the approximate cost of the hair transplantion.... READ MORE

Could you please tell me how many hair grafts I had? (Photo)

I did a hair tansplanet two weeks ago and my doctor said he transplanted 4200 grafts. By coincidence today at a work function, i met a hair... READ MORE

Is my doctor too conservative re: number of grafts? I'm 32, have had two procedures, but only 1900 grafts total.

Hi. I live in NYC . Hair started thinning at 21 and started on Finasteride. Got my first transplant at 28 (1200 grafts.) Just got my second transplant... READ MORE

FUT Transplant 4 days ago. Do I have enough hair to have a really good result? (Photo)

I had a FUT transplant 4 days ago and I know some of the grafts fell out as I experienced some bleeding the night of surgery and a little the next day... READ MORE

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