Propecia + Hair Transplant

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Propecia After Hair Transplant Normal?

After you have a hair transplant, is it common to for the patient to start taking propecia to continue his hair growth ? When I showed my Dr my lack... READ MORE

Any thoughts on Hair Transplant without Propecia/Finasteride? (photos)

First question here on RS :) I'm 25 years old and have been losing my hair since 23. I was on a quarter of Finasteride for a year and did wonders for... READ MORE

How Does Propecia Compare to a Hair Transplant?

Which one, Propecia or a hair transplant is likely to reverse the hair loss process? READ MORE

Kindly rate my transplant and advise on the next steps as a solution for the current situation (Photo)

I have done a FUT procedure in January 2014 and after 15 months the results are very disappointing . By Jan'14, I was already fighting hairloss for... READ MORE

Propecia and fertility. Does propecia lower fertility?

I am losing hair at my crown and think only propecia will prolong it. However i do not want to take it if there is any risk to my fertility. I have... READ MORE

Considering Hair Transplantation, After Being a Victim of MPB for 3 Years, Will I Need to Take Propecia PO?

I'm aged 22 with MPB, rogaine kicked on me in the beginning but not anymore. I'm scared on going for Propecia since my doctor himself mentioned that... READ MORE

Planning second hair transplant for mid scalp and crown at 25? (Photo)

I had lost almost 70% of my hair at 23 so went for a hair transplant for the hair now I want to ask is should I go for another session for my... READ MORE

Why Finasteride Post HT?

I hear that the transplanted hair would be resistant to dht, hence it wouldn't shed easily. So why is finasteride necessary when it is not going to be... READ MORE

65% of my transplant has fallen out. What can I do?

I had 6000 grafts done 8 years ago. 2 years ago it started to thin. My hairline has receded just as it did initially. I use rogain but hasn't helped.... READ MORE

Can I avoid finasteride/propecia by having multiple hair transplants using my robust donor area? I'm 48.

I have begun to experience unacceptable MPB. My friend has had five transplants and looks great without finasteride (he had bad side effects so he had... READ MORE

Thinning crown. Am a good candidate? (Photo)

I am 32 and have thinning mostly around my crown and a little more diffused towards the front. I am currently taking propecia and rogane, but now I... READ MORE

I'm just wondering if propecia is working or making it worse as I just had a hair transplant? (photos)

Hello I recently had a hair transplant on my crown, this was my 2nd procedure as the first one wasn't successful for some reason? The transplant was... READ MORE

Beard transplant: Why are hairs on my beard/moustache turning blonde and getting thin?

I seem to be loosing density in my beard, also can I get a beard transplant from pubic region transplanted to my beard? I have been on propecia for... READ MORE

Is it okay to bleach hair after hair transplant surgery?

I am 25 years old with slight hair loss. Now I take Propecia. I want to have surgery to fix the hair loss that I had. Is it okay to change the color... READ MORE

Is it pointless to get a hair transplant if you can't take propecia for health reasons?

Propecia is too risky for me after having had male breast cancer. Rogaine has mixed reviews that indicate it could make it worse and even cause your... READ MORE

I'm 21 years old & have lost a lot of hair over the last 2 years. Am I a possible candidate for a hair transplant? (photo)

I have been losing a lot of hair over the course of the last two years. It is quite frustrating losing so much hair at this age and was wondering if... READ MORE

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