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Can I Receive Someone Else's Hair for Hair Transplant?

Or can get hair from somewhere else other than my scalp? This is for my sideburns and not sure I want my hair's scalp as sideburns! thanks. READ MORE

Can You Change Your Hair Texture with Surgery?

I have rough dry hair and i was hoping if there was a surgery anywhere that can change it permanently, Are there any surgery at all that can change... READ MORE

What Options Do I Have for Hair Restoration?

My hair is thinning, and I don't want to go bald. What treatments are available to stop hair loss and restore hair? READ MORE

How can I grow a beard fast? Vitamins, food, hormones?

How can fast grow beard? i m 21 years old. i want grow side of beard. please tell me what i should use, like vitamin,food,hormone ,Therapy i want like... READ MORE

26 years old, male, diffuse hair loss. No hope to restore hair? HT is not possible ? (Photo)

Any possibility to restore my hair. Lost 90% densitu . Really stressful shedding hairs due to stress too. READ MORE

Hair Transplant Donor Scar Repair

Are there options with lasers for the white dot scaring in the donor area. I have old grafts from 13 years or so. I have the open donor/harvesting... READ MORE

Hair loss due to hair dyeing?

I thought that going from red to blonde to purple(ish) back to blonde was a good idea. I've recently started having my hair fall out at a rapid pace... READ MORE

Hairline Lowering, Filling, and Rounding Out Options? (photo)

Good day doctors. I am 22 y.o. female and was born with a high hairline and an odd cowlick which exacerbates said condition. The highest dimension... READ MORE

Can Hair Transplants Look Natural? What Areas Can Be Used as Donor Hair?

Fine Hairs are needed at the sides of my forehead to make it appear that my forehead is less wide than it actually is. I prefer not to use the back of... READ MORE

What to Do with Bald Patch After Facelift?

I have a bald patch above my ear and slightly in front of each. Its like the sideburn is higher and almost gone. I had a very weak hairline before my... READ MORE

I don't have enough donor hair to get a transplant. What would be the best option?

I am seriously looking for hair transplant. I don't have enough donor hair to get a good hair transplant according to the doctors I can have a partial... READ MORE

I'm 18 year old guy, I don't have facial hair. Please suggest a solution

There are tiny sprouts of hair on my chin and under it only..shaving it of regularly hv also not been helpful & there is no genetic deficiency..which... READ MORE

What is the best folliculitis treatment after hair transplant?

Hi doctor, What is the best treatment for hair folliculitis. My doctor prescribed augmetin, I am 10 weeks post hair transplant operation. READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Hairline Lowering? (photo)

I've had a really broad forehead my entire life. I'm not experiencing any hair loss out of the ordinary (a few strands here and there). I... READ MORE

4 months post op. Transplanted hair is too thin. Will it get better and thicker? (Photo)

Im 4 months and a week post op transplanted 3200 grafts concentrated in the front and mid scalp but didnt like the results so far hairs are too thin... READ MORE

Normal hair density and dense packing?

Hi everyone i want to know what is the normal hair density per square centimetres ? And any medications or procedures to improve the density?? And to... READ MORE

Can I change my inverted widow's peak hairline? (Photo)

I have always hid my hairline, its very unappealing. I was wondering if I could have natural looking hair inplants to certain areas of my hairline? If... READ MORE

I'm 21 but I don't have thick moustache or beard. Will shaving help to increase growth? What are my options?

I'm Anan Abrar from BD. My age 21 but I don't have thick moustache or beard. Will shaving help to increase growth? What are my options? Please sujjest... READ MORE

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