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Did I Pull out Grafts One Week After a Hair Transplant? (photo)

I'm 24 year old male. I had a hair transplant of 3000 grafts 7 days ago. Tonight I washed my hair and gently rubbed it with my fingers because... READ MORE

Propecia After Hair Transplant Normal?

After you have a hair transplant, is it common to for the patient to start taking propecia to continue his hair growth ? When I showed my Dr my lack... READ MORE

No growth of hair at all. 5 months post FUT hair transplant! Very little shedding of transplanted grafts. Is it normal? (Photo)

I had an FUT transplant of 3747 grafts (about 7500 hair) on 19 Jan 2015. I was late in removing the scabs and removed them only after a month as I... READ MORE

2 months after Hair Transplant, my hairline has diminished and the transplanted area looks bald. Is this normal?

I got my FUT HT on May 14, I could clearly see my hairline, but now hairline has diminished and transplanted area looks totally bald and dots at some... READ MORE

Normal hair density and dense packing?

Hi everyone i want to know what is the normal hair density per square centimetres ? And any medications or procedures to improve the density?? And to... READ MORE

After 4 months, my transplanted hair is still falling out. Is that normal? (photo)

After 4 months Transplanted hair still falling out. Is that normal ? I am very upset can you please guide me . Please also guide me about cause of the... READ MORE

Hair transplant: Dandruff, skin reaction and implant growth questions after 2 months! (Photo)

I had my HT 2 months ago. I have a some QTS: -My transplanted hair has not fallen especially in the areas that I can see but I haven't seen growth.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have blood clots appearing in the recipient area 1 month post-op? (Photo)

I had hair transplant with FUE targeting mainly the frontal part of my head. One morning around 25 days post-op, I woke up with what appeared to be... READ MORE

Hair Transplant Scarring/bumpiness on Recipient Area?

I had a hair translant done on my moustache/goatee region. Now at 4 months after I shave recipient area (goatee/moustache) I see some dots, like... READ MORE

Is redness, pimples and holes normal 4 weeks post FUT? (photo)

I recently had a FUT procedure, I am 4 weeks postoperative. For for about 2 weeks, I have been having pimples; with pus, redness and I noticed small... READ MORE

It has been almost 1 month after the transplant and I start to get dandruff and itching. Is this normal? (photos)

Is it normal is this dandaruff ??? can I use oil so scalp be more soft and the dandruff goes??? this is dandruff right or just dead skin can u tell by... READ MORE

Scabs even after a month. Can transplanted hair fall out with roots during the first month?

Hei Dr. I have got Hair Transplant one month ago. I still have scab in my scalp and most of the transplanted hair have still not fallen off. But when... READ MORE

3 Days Post Op, Is It Normal To Not See Hair In Some Of The Red Spots?

I did a hair transplant 3 days ago, and i i have a question about the planted area which is the frontal area of my head, some of the red spots of the... READ MORE

15 days post op, my scabs have still not fallen out. Is it normal?

I've undergone hair transplant 15 days ago. Still the scabs remain in my recipient area. And does sweating cause any damage or infection in the... READ MORE

Pain at back of head still persistent 14 days after FUT. Is this normal?

Hy. I am 26 year male. I had FUT hair transplnt 3080 grafts.I am at 14th day post-op and pain at back of my head is stil like 1st day post-op.I feel... READ MORE

Uneven growth, 10 months post-op. Is it normal?

I'm 10 months in a transplant. One of my sides has more hair than the other. I had my surgery done by a reputable doctor with 10 years experience. Am... READ MORE

Post-op Hair Transplant - Hair is Falling Out After Washing - Normal? (Photo)

My hair is falling off after washing as attached question it is normal or my implemented graft is falling READ MORE

Boils and pimples at the hair transplanted area. Is it normal or anything serious?

Hi, its my 5th week post op. i could see some pimples and boils at the temples? am using tugain foam. is it normal or anything serious.. will pimples... READ MORE

Is it normal to lose hair 5 months after hair transplant?

It's been 5 months since my hair transplant surgery, and i have noticed some growth around 40% which is not bad, but sometimes i notice that the small... READ MORE

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