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Can Hair Transplants Look Natural? What Areas Can Be Used as Donor Hair?

Fine Hairs are needed at the sides of my forehead to make it appear that my forehead is less wide than it actually is. I prefer not to use the back of... READ MORE

I Am Getting an Fue Sideburn Enhancement, 100 Hairs 50 on Each Side; Will They Be Natural in Appearance?

I am going to have an FUE procedure done to enhance my sideburns, I eventually want to have my nw 2 hairline repaired as well ( not quit ready to make... READ MORE

Crown Hair Transplant: How Do You Best Ensure That a Double Whirl is Naturally Recreated?

Recently I had the chance to interact with a few (previous) clients at a hair transplant clinic. While most were happy with their end results (a year... READ MORE

Doll Hairline How Do I Avoid It?

I am thinking about a Hair Transplant. The thing that worries me most is Artificial "Doll" Like Hairline. Apart from choosing a Right Hair Transplant... READ MORE

Can baby hairs be transplanted to give the hairline a soft, natural look for female hairline lowering?

For female hairline lowering via hair transplant, is it possible to transplant the "baby hairs" that give the hairline a soft, natural look? Can you... READ MORE

I'm a 29 year old male with balding crown and receding hairline. Would a hair transplant look natural and how any grafts?(photo)

Am I too far gone for a naturally looking hair transplant? What are my realistic expectations and how many grafts would it take? Could I seemingly... READ MORE

Does beard hair transplantation look just as good and strong and lustrous as a natural beard? Can this still be called natural?

I had laser surgery on my face (beard). My question is, how strong and and good looking would a beard transplant look on me once I get one? Will my... READ MORE

No of grafts required? (photos)

How many grafts are required for thinning anterior area and I've lost in my temples also.planning for fut as it yields natural looking results.with a... READ MORE

How does the doctor determine where the new hairline should be?

In order to achieve the most natural look, what is considered when creating the hair line? READ MORE

Does the eyelash transplant look natural?

I have very few eyelashes and I want to enhance them with an eyelash transplant, but I'm concerned about the result. Would it look natural? Also I... READ MORE

I'm getting married Aug 16. If I do a HT, how will my hair look like then? Will it be able to show, or a more natural look?

I'm 30 years old & I’ve been told I have grade 5-6 hair loss and will need 3500-5000 grafts. How will my hair look Let’s say around 5 months from now... READ MORE

Does getting a hair transplant to lower the hairline look natural on women?

I am getting a hair transplant with a very experienced doctor. My goal is to lower my hairline as I was born with a naturally very high hairline. I am... READ MORE

General questions about hair transplant

1)If I get a hair transplant surgery will this affect my chances of later getting "the cure". I know this is a challenging question because of the... READ MORE

How much to fill widows peaks? (Photos)

I've got a pair of ambitious windows peaks. Owing to some help from dutasteride, they haven't advanced in the last few years. I'd like to get them... READ MORE

What results can I expect from hair transplant for forehead lowering? (photo)

I want to sign up for hairline lowering via hair transplants. Assuming I went to a very experienced, skilled surgeon, what results can I expect? I... READ MORE

Can previously transplanted hairline be removed and the area be resurfaced? (photos)

I had FUT Two years ago, since that time I lost more hair and Its all nearly bald except four rows of hairline remain of my forhead ( Totally... READ MORE

Hair fall after 4-6 weeks after hair transplant? (Photos)

I have a big doubt about hair fall that occurs after hair transplant. Many people have questioned that their hair have fallen post op 3-6 weeks of... READ MORE

After healing can I have a second procedure so the spot is more filled with hair?

Recently I had a hair transplant at my right temple because of a small bald spot that existed for non aging related reasons. I needed only 30... READ MORE

Is it possible to change the hairline to make a recession maybe move 1 or 2 cm?

After 2 year of 3500 fue HT, i still have a bug issue in the hairline, it does not look natural without temple recession and with big bald crown, The... READ MORE

What are some best and worst case scenarios of having transplanted hairs removed from the hairline?

A doctor in the Netherlands moved my hairline down far too low and made it too rounded. As such I'm considering options to remove some of the hairs to... READ MORE

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