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Female hairline lowering through hair transplant. FUT (strip) OR FUE? (photos)

Female/30 yrs considering having my hairline lowered hair as I have a high forehead (attached). I wanna have my hairline lowered by 1-1.5 cm. I am... READ MORE

How much time does it take for the hair to grow totally? Should I cut my hair or is it not necessary? (Photos)

Hi, it's been almost 9 months since my hair transplant surgery, I've seen some big changes but the hair on some areas is still a little thin! I need... READ MORE

Is this hairline normal? (Photo)

I was told that the hairline was set like this to make it seem more natural but I am having trouble believing it. It is a well known surgeon but I... READ MORE

22 yr old. Ideally I would straighten my hairline with natural density with only one procedure. Expectations realistic? (photo)

I recently met with a Hair Transplant surgeon and he recommended 1200 grafts via FUT into my hairline to bring the temples down to meet my widows peak... READ MORE

Testosterone boosters and hair transplant?

I'm 2 months post hair transplant and looking to get back into the gym, would taking natural testosterone boosters hinder hair transplants results? I... READ MORE

How do I know if 5% minoxidil or genetics is causing my hair shedding?

1. I had a hair transplant 9 months ago. 2. I have been taking finastride for 1 yr. 2. At 9 months, 3-4 weeks after starting 5% minoxidil, my hair was... READ MORE

I need to know why my hair implants look brittle and sparse after a 3rd procedure on my 13th month? (Photos)

I had a really high forehead. Did 3 hair implants. My 1st surgeon who was really good implanted 2100 graft. My hair growth was very natural and soft.... READ MORE

Can a doctor examine hair of a man who had a transplant and tell which hairs are transplants and which are natural hairs?

Might sound like a silly question, but I had a transplant back in 2006. I am curious and would like to know if I have any original hair left on top of... READ MORE

Can I lower my hairline? (Photo)

I wanna know if it's possible to lower the hairline and for it look natural and for it to be the same thickness of the rest of my hair. READ MORE

Does the eyelash transplant look natural?

I have very few eyelashes and I want to enhance them with an eyelash transplant, but I'm concerned about the result. Would it look natural? Also I... READ MORE

Is it ok to use minoxidil for beard growth? (photos)

Hello Sir/Mam.My age is 24 and i still have very less beard.I have little sideburns but no beard on my chin and no connection between moustache and... READ MORE

Confused about SALMAN KHAN hair transplant result! (Photo)

As I research on virtual world about transpant and Reviews, Q&A on realself i found that there is no possibility to gain full head of natural... READ MORE

Can hair grafting produce natural results soon after the procedure like scalp advancement surgery? (Photo)

I have a high hair line (large forehead) and I have been looking at scalp advancement surgery and hair grafting. I also have long, thick and healthy... READ MORE

Traction alopecia and excessive scalp skin. (photos)

Traction alopecia,dermatologists tested my scalp and said follicles are dead. I also have a love handle on my scalp. Which you see by the pinching on... READ MORE

How to boost my beard growing speed ? By natural resources ?

I'm 19 years old but my beard growing speed is too slow please tell me how to boost it by natural ways ... which have no side effects or work must ...... READ MORE

Defined beard problem: do you have ideas how to make it look natural? Not planning to transplant more than 100 graft max (photo)

Hello doctors , i transplanted a beard 2000 grafts , 7 months ago , regarding the results i have a full beard , but the doctor made me a very defined... READ MORE

Is it possible to get out of a defined line of beard transparent by using laser ?

I would like to ask if it is possible to get out of a defined line of beard transparent by using laser since I want it to seem more natural.Thank you... READ MORE

Will my beard grow thicker? (Photos)

It's been around 6 months now since my beard transplant and I can visibly see my beard and outline however it's extremely thin. My questions are, is... READ MORE

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