Medication + Hair Transplant

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Why do doctors recommended using minoxidil (5%) for 6 months for newly transplanted hair?

Why after hair transplant maximum doctors recommended minoxidil (5%) using for 6 months for newly transplanted hair ? If any one can stop using... READ MORE

Hair Transplant and Erectile Dysfunction Meds?

I am thinking of getting a hair transplant. Are there any issues with using erectile dysfunction meds ( Cialis of Viagra) post surgery. I know they... READ MORE

Can I Have Hair Trasplant While On Accutane?

Iam presently taking acctuane 30 mg daily. Iam 2 months into it. And probably it would be a 5 month course. Now i want to undergo Hair Transplant. Can... READ MORE

Can You Have Hair Transplant Surgery if You Are Taking Celexa?

It states on websites that tricyclic anti depressants must be stopped 2 weks before surgery but how about ssri's? READ MORE

19 days ago FUE 1000 grafts on forehead. Now hyperpigmentation and scar tissue. What to do?

As per above, my doctor says this is normal and just a hyperpigmentation. but my forehead is very blakish, brownish, blotchy and bumpy. Most of the... READ MORE

Do I have androgenic alopecia? Does hair transplant work for me ? (photos)

I started my journey with hair loss since i was 16 years old.. now am 25 ! non of my family members ..neither my grand parents suffered from such... READ MORE

Can I stop taking medication after hair transplant?

Can I stop medicine which I am using since after transplantation as on 19/08/2013, the medicine in (minoxidil, Fenalo Table, and some multivitamin... READ MORE

About Medicine and how long after hair transplantation?

Hi nice to see this site very informative regarding hair transplantations, now I would like to know about medicine, what medicine should I take after... READ MORE

African American Hair Transplant for CCCA Patient. (photos)

I am looking for a doctor to perform hair transplant surgery for my thinning hairline and crown area. I was diagnosed with CCCA and traction alopecia... READ MORE

Use of growth enhancing medicines after FUT?

Hello, I am a 26 years old male. I got my FUT transplant done. its now 8th day post op. I was advised by my doctor to start taking multivitamin and... READ MORE

Why am I using minoxidil 2% and where should I be using this?

My doctor just prescribed me medication and did not explain it very we'll. now I'm quite confused. I have been told u take vitamin D and E as well as... READ MORE

I've suffered hair loss the last 8-10 years. I've an underactive thyroid & on medication. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

I'd be willing to go for hair transplant but wondering if I've enough grafts in my donor area for coverage READ MORE

Is stopping medication required before hair transplant? Insure of response I received.

Hi, I'm a transgender individual and I'd like information about stopping medication before hair restoration surgery if possible. My surgeon... READ MORE

Is it safe to switch to procapil after 1 month of using minoxidil? My dr advised me to use procapil in adjunct with minoxidil.

I am 38 days post HT...initially I was applying minoxidil as per my doctor's advise...but using minoxidil left a white crust like dandruff.I shared my... READ MORE

After a beard transplant, if I'm applying acne medication around my face near my beard, will that affect my beard hair growth?

Stupid question I know, but I just want to be sure. I started getting lots of acne from biotin so I'm probably going to stop taking it if it keeps... READ MORE

Do I have to take medicines?

After hair transplanting, should I have to take medicine? If yes, how long should I take? will that medicine give a side effect? READ MORE

Donor density? (photos)

What can be my donor density from the pic? Should i also undergo transplant in crown or wait with medications READ MORE

Hair transplant. How safe area the medicines and what's the impact on sex life?

Concerned about the side effects of medicines affecting sex life , how safe are the medicines and whats the impact on sex life ? READ MORE

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