Longevity + Hair Transplant

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How Long Does Hair Transplant Last?

I'm considering a hair transplant and I have male pattern baldness. Is surgery just a temporary solution? How would I be able to achieve full head of... READ MORE

Any Suggestions For Diet To Help Hair Transplant Results?

Hi i had hair transplant 5 month ago.i am 17 year old. my hair not lost. i'm tie a turban that's why my side hair are gone. that's why i... READ MORE

Hair transplant; I wonder whether the progress is fine ? (photo)

Today its exactly 4 months post op ht. I had gone strip procedure done. I wonder whether the progress is fine as it is supposed to be. My hair may be... READ MORE

4 months post op Hair Transplant, How long before they will thicken ?

I had an op to cover a facial scar. Its been 4 months and I would say 90% of hairs have grown. However i have a mix and match. Some look mature whilst... READ MORE

How long after hair transplant, can I start taking zinc and multivitamin supplements? (photos)

My surgeon told me to start taking zinc and multivitamin after six months of your transplant. However on the other hand my friend was told to start... READ MORE

I have a question about male hair transplants, and its longevity.

Regarding male hair transplants ; I have been told that , men typically are all excited about the future results , but I have also been told by... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to get hairline transplant after brow bone reduction?

I am planning on getting brow bone reduction/forehead recontouring surgery and do not want to have hairline lowering within the same surgery because I... READ MORE

I have a question about the pluggy look. Will those holes ever shrink ?

Hi, I got the surgery done 6 months ago, the holes are quite visible in the transplanted, when i take photos it looks natural however under sunlight... READ MORE

I did a hair transplant in India. How is my density of hair will looks like? (photos)

I am bit worried how my density of hair look like.its now around 16 days. I dint bath for 15 days. I wash my hair with Johnson johson baby shampoo... READ MORE

Finasteride pre and post hair transplant surgery?

I never wanted to take Finasteride to treat MBP because of the side effects it can cause. However a lot of surgeons recommend that drug especially to... READ MORE

Hair transplant Asian man. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello , I am interested in getting a hair transplant in the front portion, I want to know realistic pricing in Portland Oregon area , and what to... READ MORE

I would like to know if it is advisable to use Minoxidil on transplanted grafts starting 3 weeks after surgery?

1- Would you advise Minoxidil on transplanted grafts starting 3 weeks after surgery. 2- If so, for how long? I know Minoxidil should be used long-term... READ MORE

In how much time usually hair transplant procedure show results?

Have undergone hair transplant few months back. Getting results no doubt. Just wanna ask to experts how much time normally a hair transplant procedure... READ MORE

Pigmentation after Hair Transplant. How much time will take it to be look normal?

1 month post my moustache hair transplantation pigmentation marks is still there.black in my chin and red marks in my upper lip.how much time will... READ MORE

I want to get hair transplant around the hairline. Will transplanted hair last for 10 years or more?

Hi, I'm 29yo female, born with high forehead. There's no hair to begin with and I want to get hair transplant to reduce the size. If transplanted hair... READ MORE

How long should a hair transplant last, and what kind of care is needed to maintain it?

Hi, I had a FUT 4 years back which gave me like 40-50% success result at Bangalore(India) Hairline Clinic-Dr. Dinesh Gowda He took out a big strip... READ MORE

How long after another beard transplant?

I know it depends and that i should see my doctor because everybody is different, etc, etc. but please give an educated guess.. How long i have to... READ MORE

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