Legs + Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant From Legs to Head on a Healthy Head?

I'm a female with absolutely no problems with baldness or thin hair, but the problem is my hair's thick, coarse qualities (I have typical... READ MORE

Can Scalp Hair be Transplanted to the Leg?

For Men with No Hair on Their Legs, Can Scalp Hair Be Transplanted to the Leg? READ MORE

Hair Transplant If Not Balding?

I have frizzy African-American hair and am tired of it. If at all possible, I'd like to have the hair from my legs - which grows straight and is the... READ MORE

Eyelash transplant using leg hair and 200 grafts to each upper lid? Eyelashes ripped out 4 years ago and small amount grew back

When I was in 9th grade I wanted to start off school with more lashes,even though I already had really thick lashes, and I went and got eyelash... READ MORE

Transplanting straight hair from my legs and arms to my scalp, will make this hair grow as straight as it was on the legs/arms?

Will transplanted hair from an area where it grows straight grow with the same texture on the scalp? I'm a dark-skinned male with extremely curly,... READ MORE

Where is leg hair/beard hair transplanted in body hair transplants?

I heard that beard hair/leg hair is too short/different texture for hair transplants. Let's say you have exhausted your back of the head donor supply... READ MORE

Leg hair and arm hair transplant? (Photo)

Hello doctor. I've had three hair transplant already. In doing so my hair from the side and back Of my head is very light. I've also had some beard... READ MORE

Leg or chest hair for hair transplant?

Hi, I was wondering, I know leg or other body hair isn't usually recommended for a HT, but if someone had thicker leg hair and of a decent length,... READ MORE

I had an eyelash transplant using leg hair and a graft is poking me. Is it growing inward?

What should I do? Should I pluck it out? It has really been irritating me to the point I can't close my eye all the way and sleep. I'm so sad I can't... READ MORE

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