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Hair Transplant Donor Scar Repair

Are there options with lasers for the white dot scaring in the donor area. I have old grafts from 13 years or so. I have the open donor/harvesting... READ MORE

Does the Revage 670 Work? Will It Really Make Thinning Hair Grow More?

I have heard a lot about Laser Combs for stimulating hair growth. The Revage 670 laser is apparently a device using the same wavelenght, but a lot... READ MORE

What Kind of Laser to Use on Cobblestoned Skin from Hair Transplant?

I had a hair transplant recently (about 4 months ago) that left me with little bumps that look like goose bumps. in addition the recipient area skin... READ MORE

Can transplanted hair be removed?

I had hair transplanted one year back On front side . My frontal hair line so thin can i remove them by laser or other means without any scars marks... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix my hairline. Would I need laser hair removal or hair transplant? (photos)

Ever since i was a kid i have had this problem with my hairline. i didn't care about it much until now as i have turned 16 and is really frustrating... READ MORE

Can I use theradome laser helmet 10 days after hair transplant?

I have a question that is it ok to use theradome laser helmet after 10 days of the hair transplant , or i have to wait a little bit longer? READ MORE

How to hide FUT scars in donor area?

I had 3 FUT operations that left scars in my donor area. Doctor ilker told me he is used the same scar area in 2nd and 3rd op. The time between 1st... READ MORE

Does beard hair transplantation look just as good and strong and lustrous as a natural beard? Can this still be called natural?

I had laser surgery on my face (beard). My question is, how strong and and good looking would a beard transplant look on me once I get one? Will my... READ MORE

Hi As per the pic, do you think i can remove the transplant hair by laser, electrolysis or FUE? (photo)

 I m thinking to deal with this so slowely remove, watch and treat the skin even if took time, i only see so tiny circles at each follicle so... READ MORE

Can laser comb work in my situation or I should get a hair transplant? (photos)

I am 31 years old and I have lost most of hair in the crown area. READ MORE

A beard transplant on skin that has had laser treatment?

I have acne scars on the cheeks that are not severe. 4 years ago I have had SEVERAL procedure lasers. and dermabrasion. I already have a thick beard.... READ MORE

Softening hairline after HT using laser with low energy, is it possible ?

Hi Most of the cases of ht, the hairline does not look normal even with best doctors, the problem usually because of the nature of donor area hairs ,... READ MORE

Is it possible to laser away original receding hair and replace it with strong donor hair?

As receding hair is progressive is it not possible for someone say at NW2 or 3 to have more of their hair behind their receded hair lasered off and... READ MORE

Which laser (or anything else) to remove scar/pigmentation in recipient area after hair transplant?

I've had a hair transplant done just over a year ago in which I got a new hairline and some crown filling. Once my new follicles settled in and fully... READ MORE

What should I do to treat the bumps on my face after a beard transplant? (photos)

On July 2016 I had a beard transplant that left visible bumps where the grafts were placed. Once a month they ask for photos update but the'r not... READ MORE

Laser off hair transplant after 1 year?

Hi I had HT 3500 grafts after 5 months everything is good so far but the growth is only on hairline it is like circle of hair now around my head it... READ MORE

I am unhappy with my transplants. I want a natural balding look. I have lost all hair but the transplants. (Photo)

I have lost all my natural hair from my front and want to get ride of the transplants...I have studied everything ...laser...plucking ...plucked a few... READ MORE

Port wine stain - left cheek (beard transplant?)

I have a port wine stain that covers the entire right side of my cheek and neck. I have had laser treatment on it throughout my life. I am now 23 and... READ MORE

Facial redness (post-traumatic not rosacea)? (Photo)

Still have redness in recipient areas 10 months after a beard transplant. I'v seen a dermatologist for 6 months. Have tried steroids (betamethasone,... READ MORE

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