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Is It Difficult to Hide Hair Restoration Surgery?

I'm almost 24 and have a receding hairline. I talked to a doctor about it and I should get about 1400 grafts. I don't appear to be losing hair... READ MORE

Is my donor area healing normally 18 days after Hair Transplant? (photo)

I had my hair transplant 18 days ago in turkey. About 3800 grafts. Everything is going great except that i am worried that my donor are is not healing... READ MORE

How to deal with the scar on the back after hair transplant, especially during healing period?

I am seriously thinking of getting hair implant. My concern was how to deal with the scar in the back. I work in an office where wearing hat is not... READ MORE

Hair Transplant Scarring/bumpiness on Recipient Area?

I had a hair translant done on my moustache/goatee region. Now at 4 months after I shave recipient area (goatee/moustache) I see some dots, like... READ MORE

Will new holes in my face heal after facial hair transplant surgery? (Photo)

I had facial hair transplant surgery just under 30 days ago. My chin area now has hundreds of holes that have not healed. I did not have any... READ MORE

Infected Donor Scar. How will this affect the healing process of donor area? (photos)

Hello, I am now 8 days post op where I underwent FUT procedure (4,157 grafts) at the MHTA clinic. My donor area scar was infected despite thoroughly... READ MORE

I had an FUT done. How many days will it take to heal for the donor area?

Hi ,i had an FUT done on 29 nov,2015, my question is how many days will it take for the donar area to heal? Do i have to get the stiches cut off or it... READ MORE

Red bumps 40 days after FUT procedure? (Photo)

Its been 40 days since my FUT, my concern is red bumps some with white head, do i need to worry? is my scalp healing as it should (see pic) ? thanks READ MORE

Could an infection at the beginning of the healing procedure kill grafts?

I'm not an English-speaking person, but I'll try to state my problem, hoping for response. After having hair transplantation, on the very next day in... READ MORE

Hair transplant irritation. Did I do any damage to my transplant wearing a baseball hat?

I had a hair transplant almost 3 weeks ago and my doctor said I could wear a baseball hat to work. My transplant is still healing and is flaking. When... READ MORE

Hair transplant after 2 months. Is my donor area healing normally? Did I experience shock loss? (Photo)

I had a Hairtransplantation about 2 months ago and im worrying about my donor area. I believe i had some shockloss and now my hair looks depleted. Is... READ MORE

Do I have permanent pitting from a hair transplant? (photos)

I had a hair transplant 5 weeks ago and see what looks like pitting - pic attached. The clinic said it should smooth out in a month or so and that... READ MORE

FUT Hair transplant with dissolvable stitches. How can I remove them?

12 days ago I had a FUT hair transplant. Since the Dr. is not in the same state as me they used dissolvable stitches. They did recommend if I had a... READ MORE

5 days after hair transplant - is this normal, or an infection? I have a large, pus-filled pimple in recipient area (Photos)

Hi. I got a hair transplant 5 days ago. Today, noticed a large, pus-filled pimple in the recipient area, plus some mild oozing in nearby spots in the... READ MORE

Can overuse of antibiotics harm the grafts from a hair transplant procedure?

I had a HT 6 months ago. I've been extremely paranoid about getting an infection. I did a round of oral antibiotics as directed by the clinic right... READ MORE

I had facial (beard) hair transplant 6 weeks ago. It is showing delay healing. The transplant area is all red. Any suggestion?

Also the transplanted hairs have not fallen or shed. Instead they continue to grow in length. Is not shedding the cause of continued iinflammation ,... READ MORE

1 week post-op. Does everything look fine? Is it ok to smoke a few cigarettes and have a few drinks now? (photo)

Can i wear a cap while going out is there anything i have to take extra care of? Untill when will i be free of these scabs and crust?This is my second... READ MORE

Healing progress after hair transplant? (Photo)

Dear Sirs, thank you for answering my last queries, this time I manage to add some photos for the better analysis and your feedback. I have 2550... READ MORE

8 months after beard transplant and still redness, pimples, and a raised layer of skin? (Photos)

8 months from beard transplant in a developing country. Has been healing but now healing has slowed and still a lot of redness-most of the recipient... READ MORE

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