Hair Loss + Hair Transplant

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Who is a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant?

I am 21 years old, and I began losing hair when i was 19. The area around my hair line is very thin now. I was wondering, is hair transplant is an... READ MORE

Can a Person with No Hair Loss Get Hair Transplant?

If someone (a woman) naturally has thin hair without loss over time, and wants fuller and  thicker hair, would she be a good candidate for Hair... READ MORE

Follicular Unit Extraction or Strip for Hair Transplant?

Which of the procedure is better for Hair transplant: Follicular unit extraction or strip hair transplant? READ MORE

My normal hair not growing after hair transplant? (photo)

I had my hair transplant done just over 2 months ago. I had the front and my crown done. My hair looks worse now then before, it looks like I have... READ MORE

Losing Grafts After Hair Transplant?

I recognized 6 days after the surgery that the scabs looks like grafts. There are hairs with a white / brown bulb on the end.... as you can see on the... READ MORE

Getting hair transplant while hair is thinning ? (photos)

At first I thought my hair was completely gone but When i look closely I have really small baby hair in areas were it looks bald. I don't know why it... READ MORE

Hair loss due to hair dyeing?

I thought that going from red to blonde to purple(ish) back to blonde was a good idea. I've recently started having my hair fall out at a rapid pace... READ MORE

Any thoughts on Hair Transplant without Propecia/Finasteride? (photos)

First question here on RS :) I'm 25 years old and have been losing my hair since 23. I was on a quarter of Finasteride for a year and did wonders for... READ MORE

Synthetic Hair Implants for Female Hair Loss?

I would like to restore my hair's thickness again and I am considering synthetic hair implants procedure. I am 23 and female. I know it may be medical... READ MORE

I Am Not Losing Any Hair After 4 Weeks After my Transplant?

Is that common? I did not loose any hair after four weeks. What I know from blog is that all most all transplanted hair may fall within 3 to 4 weeks.... READ MORE

is it possible that the grafts are not safe or (came out) after one month?

Hey, i have a H.T one month ago and it was fine but there was many scabs on my scalp and after one month i strarted to comb my hair to remove the... READ MORE

What Constitutes a Natural-looking Hairline?

Several doctors warn about getting stuck with a hair transplant surgeon who doesn't understand hair loss and creates an artificial looking hair line.... READ MORE

How to Avoid Pluggy Look from Hair Transplant?

Wondering how you can get hair transplants without a pluggy look? it seems that some guys get that after-procedure look, others dont. i obviously dont... READ MORE

Hair Transplant for Women

Can a woman with severe hair loss get hair transplants?  How long can the hair be?  THANK YOU READ MORE

PRP after hair transplant? (Photo)

I am 20. I got strip ht 8 months ago. Now my native hairs are thinning at the back of my scalp plus results arent good. Should I get prp? Is there any... READ MORE

How Do I Find Out If I have Lost a Hair Graft?

Immediately after my Hair Transplant Procedure my clinic gave me a Cap to be worn and advised me not to bump into anything,unfortunately I brushed my... READ MORE

Post-hair transplant donor area hair loss. Can I have a second transplant surgery? (Photo)

I had hair transplant surgery 10 months ago, in the third week i lost alot of hair under FUT scar, the hair was falling with scabs that formed on... READ MORE

Scabs even after a month. Can transplanted hair fall out with roots during the first month?

Hei Dr. I have got Hair Transplant one month ago. I still have scab in my scalp and most of the transplanted hair have still not fallen off. But when... READ MORE

A whole bunch of hair started falling off after 9th day of the transplant. Is this normal?

Today is the 10th day after my hair transplant. The dried scubs is falling off but a bunch of hairs fall off with it too. Is it normal? I'm worried! READ MORE

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