Hair Growth + Hair Transplant

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I'm 20 yrs old and still not getting beard on my face. Any suggestions?

Iam 20 years old still am not getting beard on my face. Is it because of low testosterone. To whom should I consult????? To a general physician or... READ MORE

Is it possible to get hair growth on the cut where i got stitches? (photo)

The doctor i got my stitches done from(on my head) said that hair wont grow back on the cut. is there anyway i can visit a plastic surgeon or someone... READ MORE

Does scalp hair grow faster than beard hair?

So if you have hair transplants from your scalp to your beard, should you automatically assume that your beard hair will now grow faster than usual? READ MORE

What to expect at 7 months of hair transplant?

I have underwent 2500 grafts hair transplant 7 months back but after 7 months i am not satisfied with the results.hairs are growing but not dense what... READ MORE

Why is my hair still very thin after five and half months of hair transplant?

My hair after five and half months is still very thin and hair is not too close, hair gap is very much notable... I have stopped minoxidil coz my doc... READ MORE

Any suggestions between FUE and PRP?

I am thinking of going for a PRP before plunging in for an FUE procedure. The reason is that I still have hairs growing on my crown but it is thin.... READ MORE

I'm using Minioxidle w/ Finasteride tablet after 2 weeks of my FUT hair transplant. Does this help in hair growth acceleration?

Hello doc, i started using Tugain Gel 5% Minioxidle with Finasteride tablet after two weeks of my FUT hair transplant .... Does this help in hair... READ MORE

5.5 months post op, I'm afraid that my hair transplant might be growing poorly. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello. I had a hair transplant approximately 5.5 months ago, on May 21st... The grafts per cm that were surgically implanted were about 72 grafts/cm,... READ MORE

Is There Kind of Food That Helps my Facial Hair Growth?

I'm 21 and soon I'll be 22...I heard that food might help my facial hair growth because now all I can grow is a very small lame goatee and a light... READ MORE

How long should I wait after my hair transplant surgery to use hair products on my hair? (photo)

Can i use almond oil and castor oil if not what do you recommend? It will be 2 months on December 1st since my hair transplant surgery.. I would like... READ MORE

Why has my hair not grow properly after Hair Transplant?

My hair is transplanted last year September but only transplanted hairs are grown without volume (its looks single single hair ) why ? and what reason... READ MORE

3 months after hair transplant - Antibiotics and steroid cream. Lumpy Bald patch - Will my hair grow back? (photos)

The redness has subsided , it also doesn't look as spotty as before . However there are still some spots and within the areas very little hair growth... READ MORE

Would regain foam help speed up the growth?

Ive been use the regain foam 5% minoxidil and vitamins to help the new hair graths to grow quicker is this a wast of time or should I still carry on... READ MORE

Traces of dried blood after Hair transplantation. Any suggestions?

I had hair transplantation 5 days ago and my head is still full of traces of dried blood , should I be worried about this or is it normal and doesn't... READ MORE

Day 18 post transplant, density is less. Some hair fallen with bulb in end or had hook shape, will it come back? (photo)

I'm concerned because from day 10 my hair density started to decline, some fell with scabs" gentle massaging" and had hook shape or had tiny bulb in... READ MORE

Hair transplant: I'm post op 8 months, I got a decent growth...

I'm post op 8months,,,,I got a decent growth,,,,but at some part I didn't get much growth,,,its on the left temple,,I'm using minoxidil n... READ MORE

Does Sex/Masturbation/wearing hats/Taking showers.. affects hair growth after a transplant surgery?

It's been almost 3 months since my surgery! and i want to know how much time I'm going to wait until hair starts to grow,I'm concerned about some... READ MORE

I am not happy with my natural hairline, is there a way that I can grow out the edges? (photos)

As seen in the picture my hairline and edges are not how I like them , I don't like that my hairline looks like I'm balding when I'm 18. If there is... READ MORE

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