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Will my hair grow back after stitches?

I fell and had to get stitches( 4) about a month ago ...the scar is there which I'm not bothered about but the hair around it hasn't grown back so... READ MORE

Does hair extracted for hair transplantation grow back?

Hello, I would like to know if the hair on the donor area grows back, I've seen scars and bald like spots appear on certain people after hair... READ MORE

Will Transplanted Hair Graft Allow Hair to Go After Lowering the Hairline to Where Pimples/Cysts Used to Be on Frontal Scalp?

I had a hair line lowering procedure 2 months and 2 weeks ago, and I'm a little worried that hair might not produce where the hairline was lowered... READ MORE

Eight months after FUT, still only some hair has grown back...

Hello doctor... I had an HT 8 months back.. I'm 23 now, I have very good density at the back... But I could see only 40% of transplanted hair grown... READ MORE

23 days after hair transplant, while I was sleeping, I found that I was rubbing my transplanted head on pillow (Photo)

I was feeling itchy while sleeping.Some 15 or 20 hairs fell on my pillow. Will they grow back? READ MORE

3 months after hair transplant - Antibiotics and steroid cream. Lumpy Bald patch - Will my hair grow back? (photos)

The redness has subsided , it also doesn't look as spotty as before . However there are still some spots and within the areas very little hair growth... READ MORE

Hair falling out after transplant. Will they grow back or not?

I had my hair transplanted...after 9 days of my hair transplant i started loosing grafts like 5-6 grafts...and few few grafts after few its... READ MORE

Can pulled out transplanted hair grow back?

I had a hairtransplantation in 2008 and it was really okay. But now I got in to a situation that somebody has pulled out my transplantated hair and... READ MORE

FUT strip donor area after 2.5months, 1500 grafts. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hi I would like to know is my donor area after 2.5 months post fut strip op is normal. As you can see from the picture, the donor area surrounding the... READ MORE

I just had a second hair transplant; it appears that a significant number of previously grated hairs fell out?

Will the grafted hairs from the first transplant grow back? if so how long will it take? READ MORE

How long will it take my hair to grow back after having a hair transplant? Also how much will it cost for me? (photos)

I am 18 and I have a very high hairline which makes me very self conscious so I want to reduce it. I want to know how long it will take for my new... READ MORE

Hairline and hairloss. (photos)

I have spoken to a derm on the phone and sent pictures. They did not seem to tell me the degree of my hairloss or recession. They just insited on... READ MORE

Hair fall after HT. Is there a solution, or will those hairs grow back again?

Doc, I got my HT on May 14, now I could notice small hair coming out here and there... But some times when scalp itches two or three strands of hair... READ MORE

Will my extracted hair from a transplant grow back or even out eventually? (photo)

Picture below is a section of the hairs extracted I can't see hairs are re growing but yet after looking online and not seeing much hair it's... READ MORE

I had my hair transplant done on Feb 6, 2017, my donor hair is not growing back, why? (Photo)

Is it gonna take more time or should I do something about it? they took from both sides and the right side not growing and look bald and the left side... READ MORE

Can hair grow back after an injury? When should I consider a hair transplant? (Photo)

I got 4 stitches in my chin after a bike accident, that was about 2 weeks ago, now that the stitches are removed I can see the skin but I can't see... READ MORE

I want to get hair transplant around the hairline. Will transplanted hair last for 10 years or more?

Hi, I'm 29yo female, born with high forehead. There's no hair to begin with and I want to get hair transplant to reduce the size. If transplanted hair... READ MORE

Would a hair transplant regrow my hair on the back of my head? (Photo)

I have a large burn scar from my childhood. I was considering hair transplant to regrow hair but wasn't sure if if would work. Is there anything I... READ MORE

1. Would a doctor feel comfortable transplanting between those thin hairs? 2. Or would it do more damage than good? (Photos)

Thus area was full of hairs. Dense packed. They say you return to baseline within 6 months but its temple hair so i assume it wont grow back.... READ MORE

Beard transplant and wispy hair. Any suggestions?

I got a beard transplant with 2k grafts 8 weeks ago. Luckily, I did not have all hair fall out. About 2 weeks ago I shaved all of it off. Issue is... READ MORE

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