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Did I Pull out Grafts One Week After a Hair Transplant? (photo)

I'm 24 year old male. I had a hair transplant of 3000 grafts 7 days ago. Tonight I washed my hair and gently rubbed it with my fingers because... READ MORE

What is the Maximum Number Grafts That Can Be Done in One Transplant Session?

Fifteen year since my last transplant session. it took 2 or 3 sessions to do approx. 1200 grafts. has the process improved in the last 15 years? READ MORE

Is my donor area healing normally 18 days after Hair Transplant? (photo)

I had my hair transplant 18 days ago in turkey. About 3800 grafts. Everything is going great except that i am worried that my donor are is not healing... READ MORE

Losing Grafts After Hair Transplant?

I recognized 6 days after the surgery that the scabs looks like grafts. There are hairs with a white / brown bulb on the end.... as you can see on the... READ MORE

One single graft grows how many hair at most?

Amount of hair grows in single graft implantation READ MORE

1 year post Hair transplant, I have slow growth. (photo)

1 yr back had hair transplant of 2250 grafts.. Hair has grown back after shedding but they r not growing in length even after 5 months.. READ MORE

When Full-Thickness Skin Grafts Are Used, Do the Hair Follicles in the Graft Survive and Grow in the Recipient Area?

When Full-Thickness Skin Grafts Are Used, Do the Hair Follicles in the Graft Survive and Grow in the Recipient Area? READ MORE

Red scalp after Hair Transplant ( hair graft). Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I had the HT done 2,5 months ago and I still have the redness on the grafted area on my head . I am very confused .There are some information on... READ MORE

Would masturbation effect my hair transplant?

I am a masturbation addicts i can not stop ( at least 5 times a day ). After 2 days my surgery i began doing it again with a great care as much as... READ MORE

Is 3,500 grafts too much in a single procedure? One surgeon is saying he can do this for me. Others recommended only 1,600?

Struggling to decide between two Hair Restoration Surgeons. The first is able to do about 3,100 grafts. The other is saying he can do 3,500 plus more.... READ MORE

I want to do a Hair Transplant this summer, does sweating affect the grafts?

I want to have a hair transplant this summer but i sweat a lot! I'm wondering if sweating affects the grafts?Do you think i will have any infections? READ MORE

Will I gain good density from a hair transplant? (Photo)

Q)How many grafts do I need to fix my crown? ( approximate, guess would do f9). I want to get density as much closer to natural density as possible.... READ MORE

How Many Total Grafts Are There (Under the Occipital Bump) in the Safe Donor Area at the Back of the Head?

Is It Possible to Remove Every Single Graft from the Safe Donor Area with Repeated FUE Sessions? READ MORE

Maximum amount of grafts possible to transplant at top of head?

NW6 patient requested 20-25 thousand grafts from sides and back transplanted to top with FUE. Not concerned about scarring AT ALL, possible to... READ MORE

How Do I Find Out If I have Lost a Hair Graft?

Immediately after my Hair Transplant Procedure my clinic gave me a Cap to be worn and advised me not to bump into anything,unfortunately I brushed my... READ MORE

28 days post op Neograft, I noticed quite a bit of grafts have fallen off. Is this normal? (photo)

Hi, I am 28 days post Neograft... Up until about 3 weeks post transplant I had not lost to many grafts that were implanted (for receding hairline).... READ MORE

Does second/revision hair transplant surgery boost the result of first surgery?

I had a surgery about 12 months ago (4500 grafts). After 10 months there was no growth and i decided to have the second surgery with the same clinic.... READ MORE

What is the difference between Hair Transplant centers charging per graft, vs charging per follicles? (photos)

What the difference between the following two statements by two different HT centers: 1.We charge $xxx per graft and other told me that 2. we charge... READ MORE

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