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Can a Hair Transplant Be Used to Create a New Hairline (Not One That Has Receded)?

I hate how large my forehead is and am wondering if I could reduce its size by implanting hair so that my hairline comes down farther. READ MORE

Would I Benefit from Hair Transplantation to Reduce Forehead? (photo)

I always had high forehead, but after health problems I lost more hair due to general anastasia and antibiotics. I'm using Minoxidil now 2% for 3... READ MORE

What are my options to treat my high, broad forehead and receding hairline? (Photo)

I am a male in my mid-twenties. I've always had a high, broad forehead but as I have gotten older and began receding it has increased and I feel like... READ MORE

How can I get my hair back naturally? Is there a routine I should follow or foods I should eat to help? (Photo)

Hello Doctor: I am 18yrs old male.I'm suffering severe hair loss in my forehead,im really deprresed,please help me out in this to regrow my hair,My... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Hairline Lowering? (photo)

I've had a really broad forehead my entire life. I'm not experiencing any hair loss out of the ordinary (a few strands here and there). I... READ MORE

Hairline Advancement / Hairline Lowering. How many grafts would I need to reduce the size of my forehead? (photos)

Born with high forehead, wanting to reduce its size. I want to get hair transplants and want to know approximately how many grafts I would need to... READ MORE

Hairline lowering surgery or hair transplant for naturally high forehead? (Photo)

I have always had a high forehead that bothers me, particularly in photographs. I am now considering either hairline lowering surgery or a hair... READ MORE

Forehead Type 3 Setback - Male Hairline Problem, How To Treat?

From what i have learned about this operation the problem is this. As a male i need incision that in in the hair not at the hairline. But to remove... READ MORE

How much will a female hairline hair transplant cost?

I have a high forehead and want it lowered about half an inch. Approximately how much am I looking to spend? READ MORE

Would a hair transplant make my forehead look smaller? (Photo)

Where I live they don't do hairline lowering surgery only hair transplant.. Would hair transplant be suitable for me to make forehead look smaller? READ MORE

Can SIDES of hairline be altered/lowered? (photos)

My face is long and rectangular. I don't want my hairline lowered to reduce the length of my forehead as the vertical proportions of my face are in... READ MORE

Is a hair transplant a good option for me? (photos)

I am an 18 year old female and I have naturally thick hair but have always had a sparse, strange hairline. Ideally, i'd like it to be fuller,... READ MORE

Protein Supplements after a Hair Transplant? (photo)

I had a H.T. 2 months ago in the upper forehead area and a month ago I started going to the gym. After my H.T. I started using finasteride 1 mg daily... READ MORE

What can I do to improve my wide face to make it more attractive? (photos)

I'm a 25 year old male. My face seems to be large, I have a large, wide forehead, wide cheekbones and nose. My skin seems to look 'tired' given my age... READ MORE

Can a hair transplant surgery fix this? (photos)

When I was 14 (I am 22 now) I had laser hair removal on my forehead to fix my hairline because I didn't like how mine was shaped. Well the hair was... READ MORE

Planning a Hair Transplant in the future. (photo)

I have a large forehead that will not look good without a framing of hair. I am quite happy having short hair as long as I can have a frame of hair... READ MORE

How much would it for me to get my hairline lowered by 1.5cm? (photos)

My forehead is quite round and is 5cm. I want to add about a 1 centimetre or 1.5? How many grafts would I need? How much would it cost? I have always... READ MORE

Any suggestions for hairline gap fix? (photos)

Hi! I have irregular hairline. In the middle of my forehead I have a gap without hair. It was always like this and I am not losing hair in that area.... READ MORE

I want a hair transplant at age 19. What are your suggestions? And at anyhow I want hair transplant now...

I am an 18 year old guy from india... from childhood my forehead is very large.. my hairloss started since i was 14 years old..and now i am half bald... READ MORE

Hair shock loss after hairline lowering is the same that can occur after hair transplantation? (photos)

I am a female that has always had a big forehead but I am too afraid of permanent shock loss after hairline lowering, so I've started researching hair... READ MORE

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