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How to differentiate a crust coming out if it's with a follicle or without a follicle? (photo)

I'm 1 week post HT, per my doc instructions I started Gently with shampoo and conditioner beginning day 3. Over the past couple of days a lot of scab... READ MORE

Something is falling out from my head, 16 days post-operation. Is these scabs or hair follicles? (Photo)

I underwent my first transplant about 16 days ago and I started touching the transplanted hair more vigorously as of last night when I started feeling... READ MORE

Is it possible to estimate how many follicles I'd need to be transplanted to lower my hairline 1 inch using FUE? (photo)

I am comfortable with my hairline at my temples and would like the top part of my hairline to match my temples more closely since right now there's... READ MORE

When Full-Thickness Skin Grafts Are Used, Do the Hair Follicles in the Graft Survive and Grow in the Recipient Area?

When Full-Thickness Skin Grafts Are Used, Do the Hair Follicles in the Graft Survive and Grow in the Recipient Area? READ MORE

Had hair transplant 7 days ago & bumped my head with a friend's head. Will it destroy my follicles?

Had hair transplant 7 days ago and my bumped into a friend's head. There is no bleeding or visible damage. Will that distory my folicules embedded?... READ MORE

Are these hair follicles or just scabs with hairs attached? (Photo)

Here are some photos of scabs that I remove with my nail after 7-8 days after my hair transplant. The photos are high resolution so anyone can see... READ MORE

What is the difference between Hair Transplant centers charging per graft, vs charging per follicles? (photos)

What the difference between the following two statements by two different HT centers: 1.We charge $xxx per graft and other told me that 2. we charge... READ MORE

I suffer from scalp seborrhoeic dermatitis, can I still have a hair transplant?

I have suffered from seborrhoeic dermatitis for about 5-6 years now i beleive it has caused some thinning and scarring to some of my hair follicles. i... READ MORE

I removed a scab mixed with dry blood 10 days after my surgery. It seems like a scar on my head. Did follicles come out? (Photo)

It appears that the area is still slightly bloody follicles came out that looks like a tiny hole as you can see in the picture and im wondering if... READ MORE

I was told not I'm not currently a good candidate for hair transplant. When will I be a suitable candidate? (photos)

I consulted a hair transplant surgeon and was told not I'm not a candidate - I have gaps of thinning hair rather than bald spots and the incisions... READ MORE

Is this an infection of a follicle? (photos)

Hi Doctor! I have that red spot on my transplanted area; is it an infection? What is the best treatment? I am 11 weeks post op. READ MORE

Transplanted hair fall started after 10 months. Is this normal?

Hy I did transplant 5200 grafts fue technique. 5 months later started the perfect growth that has led me to have more 'hair when I was young. however,... READ MORE

Beard Hair Transplant. When should the grafts grow?

I have had a beard hair graft transplant - 600 grafts. The doctor said I was lucky as the hair would start to grow from the day of the surgery, that I... READ MORE

Is it possible to wash away hair follicles on day 3 post hair transplant operation?

Hi there I'm on day 4 post op. I'm a bit worried that I may have lost some hair grafts. I didn't shower until day 3. I initially applied the lotion,... READ MORE

Hair Transplant: Did I lose grafts? (photo)

I've been following my doctors instructions fairly well. The only concern that i have is that i have problems sleeping on my back and have been... READ MORE

Treating scar redness in area with hair follicles? (photo)

I had a hair transplant over a decade ago and instead of getting another one as I have lost a lot of hair I wanted to shave my head which I have done.... READ MORE

Can we do hair transplants to places where hair never grew to begin with?

Hair transplants for the eyebrows- can we get hair to grow somewhere where there never was hair loss or damaged follicles? For example- someone with... READ MORE

Will Scar Tissue Fill the 10 Mm Hole from Mohs on my Scalp? When Can I Do A Hair Transplant?

How long after Mohs surgery do I need to wait to have a hair transplant where the hair follicles have been excised? READ MORE

Should I continue at the same hair clinic or try a different one? I'm not fully satisfied with my results. (Photo)

I'm 26 (supposed to be completely bold by now) had 2 transplant procedures done in Cairo, Egypt in 9-2011(1,400 Hair Graft Follicles) & 7-2012(1,300... READ MORE

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