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Is There Anything Than Can Promote Facial Hair Growth?

I'm 23 about to turn 24, and I have a baby face which I can't stand. I do not look my age, and I probably look 5 or 6 years younger. I always get... READ MORE

Facial Hair?

I am 29 year old white male and cannot grow facial hair. Is there something I can do besides a facial hair transplant or rubbing rogaine on my face... READ MORE

I Do Not Have Any Facial Hair at 34 Years? (photo)

Facial Hair!!! I am 34 years old male and do not have any facial hair around my cheeks and below my side buns. I also do not have a mustache... i have... READ MORE

I'm 18 year old guy, I don't have facial hair. Please suggest a solution

There are tiny sprouts of hair on my chin and under it only..shaving it of regularly hv also not been helpful & there is no genetic deficiency..which... READ MORE

What are the risks of having facial hair transplant?

I'm having a facial hair transplant with approx 1600 graphs being transplanted from my head to my moustache and beard area. Anyone had this procedure... READ MORE

Post operative care following a facial hair transplant. Should the crusts be falling off already? (Photo)

I had my facial hair transplant 48 hours ago. My only concern is the crusts that have formed on my face seem to look less that Day 1. Should they be... READ MORE

Will new holes in my face heal after facial hair transplant surgery? (Photo)

I had facial hair transplant surgery just under 30 days ago. My chin area now has hundreds of holes that have not healed. I did not have any... READ MORE

I am not getting facial hair, is there any medicine or cream? (Photo)

I don't have any hair on my face, i am 18 years old, all my family has got beard till 16 or so.. its just me who hasn't even got a single hair. Please... READ MORE

How long should one wait to shave their face after undergoing a facial hair transplant surgery?

After about day 10, I'll need to make a 'public' appearance, and I would like to appear as I did "before" the procedure. I know the hairs will fall /... READ MORE

Should my skin still look like this 7 weeks after a facial hair transplant? (Photo)

As you can see I'm still very discoloured and the pores on my chin are still open. Not to mention the acne. Do I need to see a specialist? I had the... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old still i don't have facial hair on my cheeks, why is this?my dad has a full beard.

Any medicines will you suggest to get faster hair .i've heard about vita beard does it really works ??? READ MORE

I've been using Clindamycin and Desonide Cream, but ny puncture wounds are not healing. Will this heal? (Photo)

After a facial hair implant procedure almost a month ago I have considerable redness and small puncture wounds that are extremely visible. The... READ MORE

Is There Kind of Food That Helps my Facial Hair Growth?

I'm 21 and soon I'll be 22...I heard that food might help my facial hair growth because now all I can grow is a very small lame goatee and a light... READ MORE

I have no facial hairs, please suggest me something?

I'm 34 years & don't have facial hairs, but I have mustache & beard. Pl. suggest me. READ MORE

Skin discoloration following Facial Hair Transplant normal?

I had facial hair transplant surgery in an attempt to grow a mustache/ goatee. Now, 8 months post surgery my skin is still discolored in that region... READ MORE

Are there treatments to grow facial hair?

Doc i am 22 yr old i don't have any facial hair growth . last 3 years i had been continuously work outing in gym 2 to 3 hours per day and i build a... READ MORE

How to increase the thickness of facial hair? (Photo)

Ow to increase the thickness of facial hair. I am 18 years old and my facial are really different. Can you help with this. Is it because I don't use a... READ MORE

Can a Hair Transplant Help Facial Hair Grow?

Hello sir my name is dhanush and age 25 years i have no facial hair please any help sir facial hair grogth READ MORE

I want a goatee transplantation. How many grafts and how much money (INR) will be required? (Photo)

I live in india and want a goatee transplant cause hair in my goatee region are very less due to which my self confidence is not as high as it should... READ MORE

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