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Hair Transplant for Patients with Scarring Alopecia?

If one has scarring alopecia doesn't that make you a candidate for a hair transplant? Scarring spots occurred with a break out from Lupus-related to... READ MORE

Limitations of Hair Transplant?

I have a 2 cm. linear scar within my beard as a result of a mole removal I had last year. Can I get hair transplant over this type of scar? Does the... READ MORE

How Much Does a Facial Hair Transpant Usually Cost in New York?

I wanted to know how much does facial hair transplants cost in nyc? READ MORE

Beard/facial hair transplant, don't know where to start. Any suggestions?

Looking for a doctor who specializes in it but I can't seem to find any of them advertising past work in my area, is it common practice enough to just... READ MORE

Strip FUT hair transplantation; can removing the strip of skin and then stitching your scalp together pull on your facial skin?

Can strip fut when removing a piece of skin and then stitching the scalp together pull your facial skin and time in anyway. When the strip wound is... READ MORE

Hair Transfer After Lateral Brow Lift

How soon is it possible to have a hair transplant to the temporal sides of the face after a lateral brow lift? After 5 months post op, it is obvious... READ MORE

I have a small face and a horrible hairline. Can I get help? (Photo)

What it is i have a small face and a horrible hairline and was wondering if there is anything that can be done about it it's affecting me in many... READ MORE

I'm 27 yrs old and still no facial hair. Any suggestions? (photos)

Sir , am 27 and am unabale to grow my facial hair, i ve taken my hormonal tests and checked themmm as per a dr. Advice . Bt even after using Regaine... READ MORE

Pay for second procedure?

I had a facial hair transplant around 200 grafts and paid 3500 pounds .That didn't show good results so I am taking up second protcedure .But they are... READ MORE

Any suggestions for facial hair grow?

I am 32, white male and cannot grow thick hair on my face.Actually my facial hair is really thick and strong on my chin, mustaches and neck but on my... READ MORE

Facial hair transplant was done 2 months ago, should area still be red, raised and discolored? (photos)

Hi Doctors, I had facial hair transplant done 2 months ago. I was wondering if the area should still be red, raised and discolored at this point. Thanks! READ MORE

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