Eyebrows + Hair Transplant

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Successful Hair Transplant with Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia?

I have a great head of hair except in the front and sideburns (receding and thinning) and eyebrows. Am I a candidate for hair transplant? READ MORE

I have scars on my head from an accident and ruined my hair line. What must be done to have a normal hairline again? (photos)

I have scars on my head from an accident..they have ruined my hair line an cause my eyebrow skin to sag out of shape...what must be done to have a... READ MORE

How many grafts do I need to fill in the eyebrow? (photos)

My right eyebrow (left in the pic) was damaged in an accident over two decades ago. Recently, I've been thinking about getting a transplant so I... READ MORE

I'm interested in a eyebrow transplant. I would like them be very thick & adding on to the ends to make them longer. (photo)

I do not EVER wax ,thread, etc my eyebrows ,this is their natural shape. But , upon researching I see They take hair from the scalp. I have very curly... READ MORE

I had an eyebrow transplant 2.5 months ago. I had very thin eyebrows from you over plucking. He put 150 in each eyebrow. Advice?

Eyebrow transplant. I am beginning to think that 150 grafts per eyebrow is not enough to get thick brows I was told I'd have to pay another 2k if I... READ MORE

Do your eyebrows fall out when a hairline transplant procedure is done?

I read this somewhere and almost fell out of my chair. I have a awfully huge forehead and want it reduced but heard that when this is done your... READ MORE

Can a male's thick eyebrow hair be completely shaved off and surgically replaces with thinner and softer hair?

Hi, I have extremely bushy eyebrows and the brow hair is very thick. Can I completely shave them off and get it surgically replaced with thinner hair.... READ MORE

Eyebrow transplant using pubic hair instead of scalp hair?

Got eyebrows tattooded 5 times over 20 years because they never grew back completely after over tweezing them. My hair is thinning and would rather... READ MORE

What's the minimum charge for a minor transplant? (20-50 grafts)

I needed a minor job (about 20 hair grafts to cover an eyebrow scar) but I was told i still needed to pay 2000$ ! according to this website each graft... READ MORE

Should I go through the eyebrow transplant surgery first before the hair transplant?

I am a female with a large forehead, very thin & fine hair on my scalp, and small eyebrows. I'm in my 20's. My family has been supportive of my... READ MORE

Any suggestions on treating Alopecia Areata (Eyebrow)?

I am missing one of my eyebrows (right) due to alopecia. I tried a topical cream and it did not work. I've heard of injections, but have no idea where... READ MORE

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