Exercise + Hair Transplant

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How Long Until I Can Work out After Hair Transplant Surgery?

I had hair transplant one month ago. Can I go to the gym and workout (gym exercises) now? Please tell me. READ MORE

Can I do minor exercises after Hair transplant?

My doctor has advised me to go to the gym after one month. Can I do minor exercises such as push ups, sit ups and pull ups before that? Maybe not all... READ MORE

I just got a full beard transplant FUT strip. When can I start P90x? Is a month's wait okay?

I wanted to do an exercise called P90x which is a very tough 90 day exercise at home program involving weights, sit ups, push ups, etc. When do you... READ MORE

2 weeks out and I have scabs and crusties. How can I help the raking process? (photo)

When can I run my head under shower? How do I clean my head after 2370 hair transplants. I have scabs and crusties. Please advise. Should I use saline... READ MORE

Post FUT strip surgery - can I do pranayama as it is not a strenuous exercise?

Hello DR, its been 1 week since my surgery (strip method) 4000 grafts one sitting and i have been told not to do any strenuous activities till 3... READ MORE

Hair transplant/wearing beanie/sweat a lot/gym/38 days post op.

I am 38 days post op after my hair transplant. I am a regular and heavy gym goer. I haven't been going to gym since all this time and now I think it's... READ MORE

Two Weeks Post Beard Transplant

Its been exact two weeks since I got the beard transplant done with 1500 grafts. The donor area is almost normal and I have started moderate exercise... READ MORE

How much time should I wait to go back to the gym and be normal after a hair transplant surgery? And what to avoid? (Photo)

I went back and talked to my doctor because i wasn't happy with the results of the first one. We talked about it and we fixed a date and i did the... READ MORE

23 y.o considering beard transplant. Want to use this platform and get some generalised answers and get basic queries sorted?

1. How long will I have to sleep straight and make sure the transplanted sides are not facing the pillow? 2. How long to avoid intensive activities... READ MORE

Day after my transplant. Could this sort of exercise and perspiration to any damage?

The day after my transplant ..i walked to the train station.. I had my night out bag with me that had a little weight... it took 25 mins approx to get... READ MORE

Exercise after a hair transplant?

I had a hair transplant 3 weeks ago, when will it be ok to start going back to the gym and lift heavy weights? Also will being on propecia effect my... READ MORE

Its been 3 months of my hair transplant surgery can I do extracurricular activity?

I used to do gym before surgery and left it after surgery I wanted to start again, will it be any effect if I start it again and also I used spa and... READ MORE

I had my hair transplant 6 days ago. Is my result normal? (photo)

Plz suggest some exercise and med for fast growing How we wear band and give me some tips for rapid growing of my hair thanks READ MORE

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