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How long do I need to wait to get a second hair grafting procedure done in order to cover the scar from lowering my hairline?

Had hairline lowering and its been over 9 months and my scar is very apparent hardly any hair grow through the incision. Then decided to get hair... READ MORE

It's been 9 months, & i'm totally not optimistic. What should I do? (photo)

Completely disappointed and i really don't know what to do anymore? I thought that after i got a hair transplant it will create a bit coverage,... READ MORE

After the 7 day of my hair transplant, can I wear head cover for work like a scarf?

Ive done my forehead and front and on at day 7 i have to go back to work, being a female i cant work with my head looking like this . So i have to... READ MORE

I had a hair transplant. Is my hair density going to cover my full head? I am concerned about my density! (Photo)

I had a hair transplant on 15 sep. It has been 1.5 months since. Below are my photos , my scalp looks clean and i can see my scalp .I m concerned... READ MORE

How much coverage can I expect from a hair transplant? (Photo)

Here are some pics of the back and top of my head. How much coverage can I expect from a hair transplant and PRP? READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a transplant as an African American female? What kind of coverage can I expect? (photos)

African american woman, traction alopecia and damage from relaxers. Assuming I am a good candidate what results can be achieved in terms of coverage,... READ MORE

Increasing density after 1st hair transplant?

I got a hair transplant that gave me some coverage, would like to get a second one to increase density but am concerned that the 1st transplant may... READ MORE

Transplanted hairs are fully covered with whitish layer after 12 days of post op (Photo)

I had a hair transplantation of 2500 grafts 12 days I m noticing that the recipient area is getting coverd with whitish layer of dry skin ... READ MORE

How much would it cost to get hair transplant over this much coverage? (Photos)

Please help, a highest and lowest estimate would be great. How many grafts would this be? Could you also tell me if hair transplants will eventually... READ MORE

Can hair transplants eventually become a problem or inconvenience in "older" old age? (ie: +60-65 years old)

36yo male, NW3-V. I've been told I'm a good/excellent candidate for HT because of my age and NW progression so far. Excellent donor area that could... READ MORE

How many grafts does is take to give proper cover? (Photo)

Am about to do a hair transplant on januari amd Would love to be told if 2500 grafts will do anything for my kondition as seen in the photos,And whats... READ MORE

Scar camouflage for older 'flap' procedure

Dear Doctor, I just wanted to ask about new techniques to reduce the visible scars from an older flap procedure. It pains me even to ask about it as... READ MORE

Considering doing a beard transplant. No balding on either side of the family. (photo)

How noticeable will the donor site be? My hair isn't super think,I would say great coverage but thinner hairs. If I move forward with the operation... READ MORE

Hair coverage & count post hair transplant? (Photo)

Hi, I had a hair transplant 3 months before for 3000 hair. 1000 were placed at the front and rest 2000 at the crown. I have attached the picture taken... READ MORE

Does my hair line look complete? (Photos)

I had a hair transplant surgery in recent time and correctly concerning whether the clinic could have covered more bold area both left and right side... READ MORE

Have they covered enough bald area? 10 days post-op. (Photos)

Adter 10 days of my hair transplant operation, Im concerning whether my clinic could have covered more areas on my both left and right side corner of... READ MORE

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