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What Kind of Laser to Use on Cobblestoned Skin from Hair Transplant?

I had a hair transplant recently (about 4 months ago) that left me with little bumps that look like goose bumps. in addition the recipient area skin... READ MORE

Hairline lowering surgery or hair transplant for naturally high forehead? (Photo)

I have always had a high forehead that bothers me, particularly in photographs. I am now considering either hairline lowering surgery or a hair... READ MORE

Is There a Difference Between F.U.E and U.R.F.U.E in Hair Transplant, if There is a Difference Which Procedure is Better? (photo

Im planning on getting hair transplant, but im still undecided and not sure, im 35yo male not totally bald but with very thinning hair started in my... READ MORE

Hairline lowering surgery or hair transplant? (Photo)

Dear all, I've been researching and reading about both procedures and I can't decide which option is best for me. In addition to my high hair line I... READ MORE

Which one should I get Fue or Strip? (photos)

This is the link of the ques I asked before. My surgeon is an expert in strip but has also been doing Fue. I am 19. Which one should I get Fue or... READ MORE

Which one is better and cheaper? FUE or FUG? What are the complications? Is there any side effects? (photos)

I'm encouraged by one of my friends who lived in UK and got FUE procedure by Dr Hasan Nurein. I'm now 40 and my hair lose began about 15 years back.... READ MORE

How much would it cost to lower my hairline? (Photo)

I'm a young Asian male with a naturally high hairline. I've been researching hair transplants and want to get some input on some criteria: 1) FUE vs.... READ MORE

Surgical hairline advancement or hair transplantation? Would I be a good candidate for both? (Photo)

All my life I have had thin hair , it's hard to have confidence when theirs not many options for you. What makes it worse is having thin hair and a... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; FUE or FUT?

I am looking to get a hair transplant at the front of my head\hairline. Which procedure will be best as i don't want to have to shave the hair line at... READ MORE

I'm not able to decide between FUT and FUE procedure. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm a 26 year old guy, lost most of hairs on front.. And planning for hair transplantation, I consulted few doctors, one said I need 2500 grafts Some... READ MORE

How Many Grafts and What Technique to Address Temple Scars? (Photo)

About 18 months ago, I had a facelift, which left scars on the sides of my face up to the temple area. I am looking to have a hair transplant, and it... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Strip or Fue?

For Norwoods type 3 baldness pattern I have been advised 2000 grafts through strip. Are strip results better or should I get FUE. My consulting... READ MORE

What is the difference between U.S. vs. International Hair Transplant Choices?

Is it worth investigating overseas options for a hair transplant? I guess what I'm asking is this...Are there any technologies or techniques only used... READ MORE

Would I be a good candiate for hairline lowering? (Photo)

I have a full head of hair but my hair is thin from the front as you can see in one of the images (front), keeping that in mind would you still... READ MORE

How much does hair transplant cost? What is difference between hair transplant and hair replacement? (Photo)

Sir I want to know that about hair transplant and what is difference between hair transplant and hair replacement.sir all this thing inform me very... READ MORE

i am 26 and I've lost almost 90% of my hair. How many grafts do I need for my transplantation? (Photo)

Tell me exact number grafts that i need and how much number of sittings i need for transplantation and the approximate cost of the hair transplantion.... READ MORE

Hair Transplant- Which typically gives better results now FUE vs FUT?

I'm sure the skill of the surgeon is the most important, but in general, which technique now gives better growth results? Have the tools and... READ MORE

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