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If Transplanted Hair in the Scalp Doesn't Grow, is the Hair Dead or Maybe Packed Too Closely to Grow?

If Transplanted Hair in the Scalp Doesn't Grow, is the Hair Dead or Maybe Packed Too Closely to Grow? READ MORE

Can Roaccutane Affect the Hairline?

Is it normal for a males hairline to peak at the top of the head. i have a full head of hair but i noticed when i was a kid before taking accutane my... READ MORE

Can Surgery Make You Look Older? My Eyes Lost Their Life After Hair Transplant Surgery. What Can I Do? (photo)

I recently had a hair transplant in July 2011. After the transplant I feel that my eyes look much older than what it looked like prior to the... READ MORE

Hair refuses to grow longer than 1mm to 5mm in length. Been like it for many months

I had a transplant of 5500 grafts march last year. About 20% of my hair is between 1mm and 5mm long and has been that length for between 8 and 6... READ MORE

Can FUT hair transplant cause tension headaches? Why is the recipient area so tingly to the touch?

36 years old female. I had Fut Hair Transplant 4 months ago.1000grafts to fill my receding hairline. There is No donor area pain. The recipient area... READ MORE

what cause slow hair growth after transplantation?

Sorry for having no photo, so I had hair transplant like 3 years ago but I am so disappointed with the result. it doesn't grow at all. Some... READ MORE

What causes skin discoloration after facial hair/beard transplant? (Photo)

I received a facial hair transplant one year ago. Appx 2000 grafts. Since that time the receipt the area has been a darker hue, noticeably outlining... READ MORE

Does hair transplant cause my hair to be gray in some areas?

I had the surgery a month ago and started seeing gray hair in the doner area more than usual. It's noticeable, before i had 1 or 2 gray hair here and... READ MORE

Why did cysts develop after a hair transplant?

What would be the cause of cysts in the recipient area post hair transplant? Is this common? READ MORE

Pimple on scalp from hair transplant in 2014?

Hi there and thanks for the help in advance! I had on March 7 2014 which resulted in pimping on both the recipient and donor area which is normal.... READ MORE

8th day post HT! Are these crusts/scabs normal?

Hi. Does this look like a normal healing process 8 days after HT surgery? Is there any cause for concern by looking at these photos? And yes, I have... READ MORE

Shampoo causing hair loss after 1 month of hair transplant?

So on day 28th i went to my doctor for a follow up . She asked me to apply nizral 2% shampoo and asked to massage my scalp well since i had dandruff.... READ MORE

After hair transplant, there is a gap in my hair. (Photo)

After hair transplant there is Gap . Why gap is show ?? Is there good any problem in my head?? Can you tell me READ MORE

Panic! Didn't stop Minoxidil and I have a hair transplant in 3 days, can I use ice to slow the blood?

Hi guys. Panicking. My surgeon's pre-op info said to stop minoxidil foam (5%) 'at least one week' before treatment... that means I only stopped 3 days... READ MORE

The area above my right knee has been numb for four days after hair transplant(strip), could that have caused it?

My right leg started feeling asleep or specifically the area right above my right knee, it feels numb or if it was asleep. It's been four days and I... READ MORE

I've had seb derm/bleph for 3.5 years. I did hair replacement/bonding and would go a month before cleaning. Could that cause it?

I did the hair replacement for 9 yrs. A few months before i started getting the sebborhea and blepharitis (july 2012) i moved to denver from NY. In... READ MORE

Which doctor do I go to to figure out the cause of my hair loss? (photos)

October 2015 i was put on hormone therapy (Duphaston 10mg) by my OBGYN for mild Adenomyosis and from February 2016 my hair started falling. I tried... READ MORE

I am 18 days post surgery but my donor area is itching and bald spots and hair loss on sides. Causes? (photo)

After shampoing it with conaz it get again very much worried plz guide me y r scalps r building in no time after washing n removing them READ MORE

No growth in the small donor area, what could be causing this?

I am 2 month post fue and i have a two small area one in the left and another in the right (symmetrical ) in donor area is not grow but it is has a... READ MORE

1 month post-op and I have seb dermatitis inflammation! (photos)

I need help, so 25 days ago I had my operation of 3600 hairs. Was all going great until last week and boom an inflammation of dermatitis, now it just... READ MORE

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