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Beard growth supplements, is it helpful? Any side effect?

I'm 40 Y.O male , my issue that i have small beard growth besides a good moustache. this depresses me strongly. I saw many supplements in the market... READ MORE

i am 21 and still can't grow a beard.

I have little hairs on left and right chin side. no hair on the cheeks and on the chin. please help me grow beard READ MORE

How can I grow a beard fast? Vitamins, food, hormones?

How can fast grow beard? i m 21 years old. i want grow side of beard. please tell me what i should use, like vitamin,food,hormone ,Therapy i want like... READ MORE

I'm 20 yrs old and still not getting beard on my face. Any suggestions?

Iam 20 years old still am not getting beard on my face. Is it because of low testosterone. To whom should I consult????? To a general physician or... READ MORE

Why Isn't my beard transplant growing? How long does it take? Its been 2month and 2weeks from now.

Its been 2month and 2 weeks from my surgery of beard transplant . Some of the hair fall out but I havn't seen any good results yet. How long would it... READ MORE

I'm a 31 yo male and I can't grow a full goatee. I can grow thick facial hair but not so much on my chin. I want a full beard?

I can't connect my mustache to my facial hair on either side so it looks pretty bad when I try. I want to have thick hair around the sides of my mouth... READ MORE

How much time is needed for shaving after beard transplantation ?

Hello, There are various information on internet about the shaving period after beard transplant. Do you think 8-9 days enough for cutting with... READ MORE

Does scalp hair grow faster than beard hair?

So if you have hair transplants from your scalp to your beard, should you automatically assume that your beard hair will now grow faster than usual? READ MORE

Has my beard transplant gone wrong? Hair growing perpendicularly?

I done a beard transplant 1yr ago..but most of the hair growing in wrong direction? Will it can be corrected? Is graft excision process applicable to... READ MORE

How much would a beard transplant cost in Houston, TX? (Photo)

Hello guys so my husband has had me researching about beard transplant for weeks now is so hard to find much info about that here in houston tx he is... READ MORE

I'm 21 but I don't have thick moustache or beard. Will shaving help to increase growth? What are my options?

I'm Anan Abrar from BD. My age 21 but I don't have thick moustache or beard. Will shaving help to increase growth? What are my options? Please sujjest... READ MORE

What's best for reducing redness following beard transplant? (Photo)

My face is very red following my beard transplant a week ago. What is the best ointment / moisturiser to reduce redness. I've got a week before I go... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old still i don't have facial hair on my cheeks, why is this?my dad has a full beard.

Any medicines will you suggest to get faster hair .i've heard about vita beard does it really works ??? READ MORE

Face is still red after beard transplant (Photo)

I had a beard transplant nearly 7 weeks ago and although I have shaved the beard area now I am still very red around my beard line. It's almost like... READ MORE

My beard still has redness after six months! Beard transplant (Photo)

Dear Doctors i still have a redness on my face " beard area " i did my beard transplant 6 months ago, i went to my doctor last week and he said you... READ MORE

I'm 41 years of age and can't grow anything close to a beard. What should I do? (Photo)

I even tried shaving every three days for 2 months and nothing happens what should I do ??? READ MORE

Is taking hair using FUE from the body to transplant into beard a good idea?

I have some empty spots in my beard, but it's not too much. I would say 5 to 10 centimeters squared. However, I am not comfortable taking that hair... READ MORE

How much will a beard transplant cost for me? (Photos)

Hi there, I always loved having a beard, for me it grows pretty fast and my left side looks perfect but the right side of my face has always struggle... READ MORE

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