Balding + Hair Transplant

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Who is a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant?

I am 21 years old, and I began losing hair when i was 19. The area around my hair line is very thin now. I was wondering, is hair transplant is an... READ MORE

How is Recession Years After a Hair Transplant?

Is hair transplant surgery a long-term solution to baldness? For example, if someone gets a hair transplant surgery at age 35, how natural will it... READ MORE

Getting hair transplant while hair is thinning ? (photos)

At first I thought my hair was completely gone but When i look closely I have really small baby hair in areas were it looks bald. I don't know why it... READ MORE

Which Hair Transplant Surgery Treatment is Good and Why? (photo)

There are two famous methods for hair transplant surgery treatment one is FUE and the other one is DHI (direct hair implant) my question is which is... READ MORE

2 months after Hair Transplant, my hairline has diminished and the transplanted area looks bald. Is this normal?

I got my FUT HT on May 14, I could clearly see my hairline, but now hairline has diminished and transplanted area looks totally bald and dots at some... READ MORE

Hair Transplant for Female African American Alopecia Patient?

I'm a healthy 47-year-old African American woman but I'm dealing with a mild to moderate case of cicatricial alopecia--similar to male pattern... READ MORE

Cowlick or Bald Spot?

I noticed around the back of my temple area a thin spot. I had grafts put there in 06/2014 as I suffered from Norwood 2 loss. My hair is curly and... READ MORE

I'm 19 yrs old. What Hair transplant would you recommend for a perfect hair line? (photos)

Hi, I am 19 years old and and aiming for a perfect hairline. I found out that this is a problematic age for such an operation because you predict hair... READ MORE

I'm balding quickly at 18 years old. Advice for hair transplantation? (photos)

I basically would like to know the ballpark cost of a hair transplant to restore my hairline to its natural position. How many grafts would I need in... READ MORE

A Very Small Ballspot, Im 22 Years Old? (photo)

About howmany grafts , and howmuch money would it cost to repear these two ballspots (that where caused by cuts during my childhood) READ MORE

3 months after hair transplant - Antibiotics and steroid cream. Lumpy Bald patch - Will my hair grow back? (photos)

The redness has subsided , it also doesn't look as spotty as before . However there are still some spots and within the areas very little hair growth... READ MORE

Would a balding spot on the center of my hairline be fixed with a hair transplant? (photo)

I'm female, 40 y/o. My hair has always, since childhood, been thin at the hairline in the center of my head. My father's side of the family has a... READ MORE

Hair transplant - bald in some areas. Is this normal?

Doc , I got my HT almost 3weeks back, my scalp on transplanted area looks bald in some portion and dots in some portion... Is this normal?? Or HT has... READ MORE

I am considering getting hair transplants. I have a bad widows peak; options? (Photos)

My hairline is bad and I can't pull my hair back. My father has some balding in the back as well and we want to go together! I have had many issues... READ MORE

I am 23 years old. Can I go for hair transplant? (photos)

I noticed thinning hairs in 2012 since then I am using minoxidil and multi vitamin, mineral capsules as prescribed by dermatologist but it didn't work... READ MORE

Using hair building fibre after hair transplantation. Any suggestions?

I am 24 years old. My hair was falling for more then 5 year. So to I was almost getting bald. So I used to hair building fibre to hide my bald. Bt as... READ MORE

I'm scared. What if I made a mistake? I did a hair transplant at 26 (Photo)

I did a hair transplant 3 weeks ago in Istanbul. I had 3200 grafts done. I've been doing research for over a year and I know that most doctors don't... READ MORE

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