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Hairline Has Started to Recede and Would Like a Small Hair Transplant. Is There Minimun Amount Done? How Much?

My Hairlline Has Started to Go Back and Would Like a Small Hair Transplant, is There a Minimum Amount They Do?if So How Much? READ MORE

One single graft grows how many hair at most?

Amount of hair grows in single graft implantation READ MORE

How Many Total Grafts Are There (Under the Occipital Bump) in the Safe Donor Area at the Back of the Head?

Is It Possible to Remove Every Single Graft from the Safe Donor Area with Repeated FUE Sessions? READ MORE

Maximum amount of grafts possible to transplant at top of head?

NW6 patient requested 20-25 thousand grafts from sides and back transplanted to top with FUE. Not concerned about scarring AT ALL, possible to... READ MORE

24 years old. How many grafts do I need? (photo)

Age: 24 Minor hair loss since 19 years old. 22 years old: noticeable hairlines loss till now. My father is bald, my older brother is getting there... READ MORE

I want to restore my juvenile/feminine hairline: How many grafts should I expect for this? (Photo)

The title explained it for the most part. I want to lower my hairline to around estimate hairline drawn and would like to know what I should expect in... READ MORE

How Many Rows of Single Hair Graft while creating a Hairline?

It is believed in creating Natural Looking Hairline during a Hair Transplant, Use of Single Hair Graft on Fine Calibre is very imprtant. But is there... READ MORE

How much would a hair implant cost for me? (Photo)

I'm looking to fill my hair temples and was wondering how much grafts I would need? thanks READ MORE

Hair has receded and caused me to be unhappy with my appearance: What am I to expect with hair transplants? (Photo)

The masculine appearance caused by the hairline has caused me to become very unhappy with myself and I'm looking to recreate the lower feminine... READ MORE

Norwood 2 loss (some physicians have said 3). Reaching One Year in July 2015. Did my surgeon transplant enough hairs?

I had a transplant of 1795 grafts, and my surgeon used micrografting. He transplanted single hairs for my hair line, and mixed double hairs and single... READ MORE

How many grafts will I need? (Photo)

I've had two hair transplants done already but by the looks of these pics how many grafts would I need to lower my hair line and fill in the lighter spots READ MORE

I had a hair transplant 6 weeks ago in Turkey. I had 3600 grafts @ longevita (Photo)

I'm wondering if you can tell from my pictures if everything look ok and my recovery is going well Most of the hair has fallen because of shedding but... READ MORE

How many hair grafts do I need? (Photo)

I outline approximately where I want the grafts to be. I was wondering about how many I would need to fill that area. READ MORE

Hair transplant, 2 months post op. Scabbing, 3000 grafts (Photo)

I did my HT 2 months before & had 2 follow up visit with my Dr. Regarding the scabs. Bt today mrng when he saw my scab pics.He said none of his... READ MORE

How Many Grafts and What Technique to Address Temple Scars? (Photo)

About 18 months ago, I had a facelift, which left scars on the sides of my face up to the temple area. I am looking to have a hair transplant, and it... READ MORE

I have done with FUT 3300 follicles...And before OP I was under impression that FUT will not yield more numbers?

Under impression that FUT will not yield more Than 1500 grafts.. Am i right with the decision? I fall under NW 4A! READ MORE

Approximately How much grafts would I need to lower my hairline? (photos)

I have always been conscious of my high hairline, Im in the process to fix it. Approximatley how much grafts would i need to lower my hairline about... READ MORE

How many grafts can be extracted from my donor area? (Photo)

Hallo, i am 29 years old and need a hair transplant with about 2000 to 2500 Grafts. I attached some photos from my donor. The first pictures are with... READ MORE

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