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Hair Transplant for Female African American Alopecia Patient?

I'm a healthy 47-year-old African American woman but I'm dealing with a mild to moderate case of cicatricial alopecia--similar to male pattern... READ MORE

Can pubic hair be used for hair transplantation? If so, will any doctor do this? How to ask with being embarrassed?

I know that this may sound weird. I am African American, & as you know we have kinky hair on our heads, but straight eyebrow, pubic, eyelash, & body... READ MORE

African-American Hair Loss from Wearing Braids?

Is there any type of hair transplant procedure that is effective for African-Americans that have worn extensions and braids for many years and has... READ MORE

Hair Transplant: What is FUSS?

There are so many types of hair transplant methods that it can get confusing. What is FUSS? READ MORE

Any recommendations for hair transplants for African-American males $3500-$5000? (Photo)

I am a 24 years old African-American male been going very noticeably bald since I was 20 years old my hair is almost all gone any recommendations for... READ MORE

What is the difference between FUT vs. FUE—pros and cons for coarse (African-American) hair.

I'm trying to decide which procedure to choose for my traction alopecia on my temples and sides. What are the pros and cons of either procedures on... READ MORE

I'm a 42 year old African-American woman and I'm losing hair on the crown of my head.

What are the prospects of success with a hair transplant and what is the cost likely to be? READ MORE

Can I wear a wig after FUT surgery?

Hi I'm an African american female with scarring alopecia. I have a hair transplant surgery in a few days and was wondering if it is ok to wear a... READ MORE

Hair Transplant If Not Balding?

I have frizzy African-American hair and am tired of it. If at all possible, I'd like to have the hair from my legs - which grows straight and is the... READ MORE

African American Hair Transplant for CCCA Patient. (photos)

I am looking for a doctor to perform hair transplant surgery for my thinning hairline and crown area. I was diagnosed with CCCA and traction alopecia... READ MORE

How much would a hair transplant generally cost for these 2 areas on my hairline? (1 the size of a quarter and one a pea)(photo)

I am an African American woman (24) and have had these bald spots for about 4 years now. They were caused by overprocessing due to relaxers and color.... READ MORE

Does my young age (19) automatically make me a bad candidate for a hair transplant, are their other factors that determine this?

Hello I am an African american teen and I wanted to know that if you're young (I'm 19 years old) and are seeking a hair transplant are their factors... READ MORE

Hair transplant to round out hairline; but I have very kinky coily hair. (Photo)

I think I will seek hair transplant to round my hairline after I get forehead reduction surgery. How long should I wait to get the hair transplant? To... READ MORE

Wanting to lower my hairline. How will the texture be? (Photo)

I'm a black female, and genetically have a large forehead. I've been looking into getting a hair transplant, and I know that the donor area is... READ MORE

25 year old black female. AGA and low ferritin levels caused me to go bald in the front. Should I do a hair transplant? (Photo)

I had a ferritin level of 8 and a hemoglobin level of 9 for 4 years. I underwent 2 iron infusions over the past 8 months and now my level is at a 61... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a transplant as an African American female? What kind of coverage can I expect? (photos)

African american woman, traction alopecia and damage from relaxers. Assuming I am a good candidate what results can be achieved in terms of coverage,... READ MORE

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