2 Weeks Post-op + Hair Transplant

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12 days after hair transplant can I be using toppik and hairspray after hair transplant?

I have always use toppik fibre and Gatsby hairspray to make my scalp look fuller and darker, then combing both sides of the hair towards the centre... READ MORE

Something is falling out from my head, 16 days post-operation. Is these scabs or hair follicles? (Photo)

I underwent my first transplant about 16 days ago and I started touching the transplanted hair more vigorously as of last night when I started feeling... READ MORE

Did I made a mistake working out after 2 weeks post op Hair Transplant?

I have a hair transplant, im afraid i did i mistake. my doctor say don't workout for a month, but i start heavy after 2 weeks, did i failed the HT?... READ MORE

Post operative care following a facial hair transplant. Should the crusts be falling off already? (Photo)

I had my facial hair transplant 48 hours ago. My only concern is the crusts that have formed on my face seem to look less that Day 1. Should they be... READ MORE

Bumped my Head at 15th Day Postop Hair Transplant at Iron's Door Corner and It Started to Bleed. Have Any I Lost Any Grafts?

I had hair transplant 14 days ago.today is 15 th day post op.today i accidently bumped my head at iron's door corner.i had a small cut and it started... READ MORE

Cleaning the scabs post-op procedure?

I'm now 14 days post-OP,all the crusts/scabs are still out there,because I was scared not to rub or itch the recipient area (just washing daily with... READ MORE

Rogaine on transplanted area or old hair area?

It's my 15 day after op, I will start using Rogaine 5%; my doctor asked me to use it on old naive hair only. Is it possible to apply it on the new... READ MORE

My transplanted hairline looks uneven, will it turn out ok? (photos)

I had a hair transplant 2 weeks ago, it went very well and I have done a lot to care for the transplanted grafts. One thing that has been somewhat... READ MORE

Can grafts get damaged even after you don't see blood after combing?

15 days after hair transplant. The grafts were between medium length hair! I decided to go for a haircut. I said to the guy there, not to comb near... READ MORE

Can we see the roots after shedding of scabs? I'm on day 9 after hair transplant

Hello, i am on day 9th after my HT and i am experiencing initial shedding of scabs that too with hair and this is not only during shower but also when... READ MORE

I'm using Minioxidle w/ Finasteride tablet after 2 weeks of my FUT hair transplant. Does this help in hair growth acceleration?

Hello doc, i started using Tugain Gel 5% Minioxidle with Finasteride tablet after two weeks of my FUT hair transplant .... Does this help in hair... READ MORE

15 days post op, my scabs have still not fallen out. Is it normal?

I've undergone hair transplant 15 days ago. Still the scabs remain in my recipient area. And does sweating cause any damage or infection in the... READ MORE

Pain at back of head still persistent 14 days after FUT. Is this normal?

Hy. I am 26 year male. I had FUT hair transplnt 3080 grafts.I am at 14th day post-op and pain at back of my head is stil like 1st day post-op.I feel... READ MORE

I Was Just Wondering How Long Do the Stitches Stay Strong and Hold Everything Solid in Place? (FUT Hair Transplant)

I bent my neck too far in the shower by accident and felt a slight pull in the donor area. Am hoping I didn't stretch the scar 13 days post op. The... READ MORE

Can I wear a hard hat 13 days after H T surgery?

I did my hair transplant on 23 dec and I have to go back to work on 5th jan READ MORE

Biotin and Vitamin D and omga 3 Supplements after hair transplantation

Dear doctors I had FUE befor 2 weeks ago . And would like to ask .when I can use those supplements. And I am from swden dose the cold weather effect... READ MORE

What are my transplanted hairs turning white after hair transplant? (Photo)

Hy. I am 26 years old male.i am in 14th day postop now. I went through FUT hair transplant and now when scabs are clear from recipient area I have... READ MORE

How much time needed for a corrective beard transplant after unsatisfactory results? (Photo)

Hello, I got a beard transplant operation 15 days ago. I am not glad with the results (the beard line should be higher and there are still gaps etc ).... READ MORE

I am 2-weeks post-opt and I do not have any dandruff. Can I use Nizoral shampoo for better result?

Hello Doctors, Using Nizoral shampoo after 2-weeks post-opt could damage the new hairs transplant? READ MORE

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