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I'm 17 year old teenage boy who is experiencing hair fall and hair thinning! What do you think is happening to me?

HELP! I am 17 year old teenage boy who is experiencing hair fall and hair thinning! What do you think is happening to me? I am getting worried because... READ MORE

25 black male embarrassed my hair is thinning and hairline receding: What are my options? (Photo)

I want to know my options on a strengthening my hair and help with my hairline feels like I have to much forehead while others have a balanced... READ MORE

Hair looks thinner under flash lighting. Does this mean my hair is thinning or not? (Photo)

My hair looks a lot thinner on the side when I take a picture with the flash on. When I take a picture under natural light, it seems usually thick.... READ MORE

I'm 17 and I'm terrified of going bald I'm a female and idk what to do about my hair. My hair is so thin and falling (Photo)

I use to wash my hair everyday also with heat and I been in point in my life with traumatic stress depression and idk if this is what causing my hair... READ MORE

I Am 58 Years Old Man and Have Thinning Eyebrows Related to Age. Is There a Remedy?

I'm 58 and have noticed that my eyebrows have thinned a lot since my youth when I had dark thick eyebrows. It makes my brows look see through and... READ MORE

What are the negative effects of vaseline on hair?

I have thinning hair (due to androgenic alopecia) and I like using a petrolatum-vaseline-wax pomade to style my hair. I've read that (1) vaseline... READ MORE

Thinning at crown, but hairline unaffected?

I am 18 years old and I started to notice that the crown of my head is much thinner than the rest and my hairline seems unaffected. What type of hair... READ MORE

Does a History of Hair Loss Mean I Will Definitely Lose Mine?

I am a male 24 yrs old and i have family history of hair loss. my brother has it , my dad has it and so does my grandfather from both sides. my dad... READ MORE

Do I have telogen effluvium or aga from stop using birth control?

I stopped birth control may 1st, in July I noticed my hair had thinned a lot. Within the next few months I have lost about half my hair. I have lost... READ MORE

I'm 15 and my hair is thinning (Photo)

Im a 15 year old male.My hair seams to be thiner at the hair line and only there. I have pimples and balck heads on my hair line and on spots on my... READ MORE

Hair thinning and breakage. My doctor recommended hydrocortisone .1% for cheilosis. Any thoughts regarding this topic?

The hydrocortisone didn't help my condition but I noticed a marked hair growth in the area that I applied the product. decided to research... READ MORE

Hair thinning. Scalp almost visible. very upset? (photo)

I have never had very great hair.I'm a 22 year old female. and m going through a very bad time with my hair. Plenty of hair loss and hair line widened... READ MORE

I am having excessive hair loss. Is this androgenic alopecia or telogen effluvium? My hairline is thin, please help. (Photo)

Hello, I am a 25-year-old female. About 4 months ago I started to have excessive hair loss which came out in huge clumps especially in shower. My... READ MORE

Do I have telogen effluvium?

I am a 16 year old male and I have always had thick hair, about 6 months ago I noticed that my hair has been significantly thinning on top and I've... READ MORE

Will Minoxidil or laser therapy help a 64 yr old menopausal fm, on HRT, with all over thinning hair? (photo)

Thinning hair for 10 years. The dermatologist says I have thinning hair, all over, due to age and heredity. I have taken Biotin but never noticed a... READ MORE

How Can Women Treat Thinning Hair?

What are the possible drawbacks of a woman having hair transplant surgery for thinning hair? READ MORE

I Am a 44 Yr Old Women my Hair Has Been Thinning for About 7yrs. I Have Been Using Womens Rogaine for the Past 3yrs?

Does rogaine stop working after a while. I'm starting to see more hair loss then before as if the product has stopped working for me. what are the... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old. My hair started thinning and my scalp is starting show. Also it feels quite damaged. Any suggestion? (photo)

I have uploaded the pictures of my scalp and my temple area. I started having hairloss since 16 but never was it so prominent that I could actualy see... READ MORE

Will taking Minoxidil Tablets (Noxidil Forte) cause damage to my heart?

I'm 35 years old & my hair started thinning & receeding in my late 20s & early 30s. I've taken Minoxidil Tablets (Noxidil Forte 10mg) & used the 5%... READ MORE

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