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Treatment to Thicken Hair?

Is there something you can do to make your hair become thicker? READ MORE

Does Minoxidil and Finasteride help to thicken hair?

I am using minoxidil and finastride from 8 month and i am looking more hairs are growing on crown but all are very thin.please tell me how many time... READ MORE

Is there any surgery that can make your hair thicker?

Hello! I have really, really thin hair and a heart shape on my forehead (there are little hair), I do not know how to describe that in more detail.... READ MORE

Can I shave my head completely?

Dr, I am himali and 15 yrs old.i am really worried about the hair on my hair, i am suffering from hair fall, two years back i ironed my hair 2 to 3... READ MORE

Thin Hair From Braids and Weaves. How Can I Thicken it?

Had braids and weaves for year and used to have bald patches around my temples but it always grew back. I stopped pulling on my hair and weave and am... READ MORE

Betnovate N scalp lotion for MPB(male pattern baldness), will it help? (Photo)

I am 22 yo and i was wondering if using betnovate n scalp lotion would stop my MPB and make my existing hairs thicker. I've used minoxidil , sadly for... READ MORE

I have thin hair density; only on the top, I've had it my whole life. How can I aquire thick hair density permanently? 25(Photo)

I was born with Thin Hair Density but only on the top, The sides and back have always had Thick Hair Density. However,last year in March I aquired a... READ MORE

How can I make my hair follicles thicker and more full? (Photo)

I'm only 23 years old I used to have a full head of hair now it's thin with barely any root when it comes out the crown of my hair or cowlick is... READ MORE

What are the treatments for making my hairs thick and dense in my front head area? (Photo)

I'm 23 years old male. The front area of my head is changing color to pale and the hairs on that area are's like i'm losing my hairs from... READ MORE

Is there any miniaturized hair shedding in telogen effluvium?

Since the follicles are entering the rest phase prematurely, is it possible that the hairs are shed to be smaller and thinner since they have not had... READ MORE

What's the best way to thicken that is thinning due to mpb?

I have a slight receeding hairline and have looked into all products but what can help with thinning that is now my main worry. It is across th whole... READ MORE

Can I reverse beard loss?

I commonly use depilatory creams on my face because razors irritate my skin. Just recently, I've used a product called hairfree, not knowing that is... READ MORE

How to make my hair thicker and denser?

I think i am losing my hair and they are getting think due to masturbation . i am gonna quit masturbation but i want good remedy for this and plz... READ MORE

My hair is very thin. How do I make it thick?

I'm young so I don't think hair transplantation will be an option. I used to use heating products and used to apply conditioner on my scalp and... READ MORE

My hair will return to normal and will thicken again? I'm too scared to go bald because my hair don't stop to fall since then

A time ago I used a product for hair containing 2,000,000 ui of vitamin A and I think my body has absorbed and now my hair is thinning and I believe... READ MORE

Can I use natural alternative ways to regrow your hair naturally after quitting minoxidil use for one month?

Is it that if you use minoxidil you cannot have natural hair growth if you discontinue the use? What if you didn't have hair loss issues and you used... READ MORE

Does thicker hair shed more?

Do people with more hair shed more as well? READ MORE

I am looking for hair regrowth treatments as my hair is thin and hair falling issue. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 21 years old college student. I am experiencing hair loss for long time and it came sort of a genetic issue. As of now, my hair is thin and I... READ MORE

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