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Would hair still fall out after an FUE if injectable testosterone is being used for aesthetic purposes in the gym?

I'm 24 years old, my hair has been thinning probably since I was 19. I started taking propeica and minoxidil at that age as well as a preventive... READ MORE

Will my hair grow again to the way it was after treating the hormonal imbalance?

I'm a 18 year old girl. I'm dealing with serious hair loss. The surface of my head could be seen easily since my hair is so thin in the top of my head... READ MORE

Alopicia Areata or low testosterone?

While my dermatologist visually diagnosed Alopicia Areata, I just had blood work (internist) confirming I have low testosterone - could that create a... READ MORE

How to prevent hair loss during testosterone therapy?

I have low T and want to take Testosterone as a performance enhancer. I have a strong genetic history of hair loss in my family- I don't have hair... READ MORE

Thinning hair/patchy beard at a young age. Should my beard be full as I have high testosterone level from male pattern baldness?

I'm 22 and my hair has been thining sense I was 18. I wear my hair short and started to grow a beard, however my beard comes in patchy. I'm confused... READ MORE

Remedy for High Level of Testostrone

I am 20 yrs old woman and i have high level of testostrone i have reduced my weight and now my bmi is 20 what should my diet include,i have recceding... READ MORE

MPB or supplement?

I started taking a natural testosterone booster (Test HD by Muscle Tech) a couple months ago. Started feeling the effects of elevated test after a... READ MORE

Hair fall - 40 years old lady

Since july'14 started losing hair. DHT and dhea was high. doctor gave me fincar 5 daily and aldactone 50 twice daily. from December'14 hair fall... READ MORE

Hormone levels check up before and during finasteride use

I would like to have a comparison between my hormone levels before using finasteride (= my normal hormone status) and the hormone levels during... READ MORE

Regarding an Acell + PRP injection for hair, when the plasma is enriched, does it increase levels of DHT.

This is regarding hair thinning and hair loss to know whether when the blood is placed in the centrifuge and is enriched, wouldn't that increase the... READ MORE

Will spearmint tea work if levels are normal?

I took some hair growth vitamins. But now i have all this unwanted facial hair. All labs hormone testosterone and fsh thyroid normal. Will spearmint... READ MORE

Dihydrotestosterone or testosterone is responsible for hair loss?

Sorry if my question is nonsense I want to know because I still don't understand.if read about hair loss reasons many people say dihydrotestosterone... READ MORE

Any suggestions for facial hair growth?

My facial hair or beard do not grow or have very low growth rate.I do not have facial hair at some parts of my face at all. I want to have a dense... READ MORE

I have got much facial hair only at mustache and jaw. My cheeks don't have any strong hair. Will testosterone injections help?

Can i do something for that? Testosterone injections might help or not? i grow only goatte beard and i cant grow beard on cheeks i dont know why... READ MORE

Does green tea and fish oil help to reduce testosterone level or increase in case of male pattern baldness? (Photo)

I started green tea from 1 january 2016..take one time a day and fish oil before mill everday two times...... Before taking these... I loose 40 hair... READ MORE

PCOS, high testosterone and hair loss (Photo)

I have PCOS and I have extreme eyelash loss, and some eyebrow and hair loss. My question is, can high testosterone effect eyelash growth? I am seeing... READ MORE

I've been taking testosterone booster and started losing hair.

I'm 29years old and I started taking HGH and testosterone booster 2 weeks ago and noticed my hair started thinning. If I stopped the supplement will... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Hair loss? (photos)

Suffer from hair loss esp in center of my scalp i've done many tests and all results normal as testestrone ,tsh and no polycystic ovaries.my doctor... READ MORE

Can I take tribulus and propecia together to block my DHT?

Hi. i take Tribulus Terrestris 1000mg every day to up my testosterone . so the testosterone is going up and the DHT is going up .the problem is after... READ MORE

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