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Is there anything to regrow lost hair at temples? (photos)

Is there anything to regrow lost hair at temples? It has been few years I have noticed hair loss in this area, but since I stopped using Rogaine I... READ MORE

Would cortisone injections be an option for my hair loss or is hair transplant surgery the only option? (photos)

I am suffering from hair loss around my temple area due to previous styling practices that caused tension. I have discontinued wearing styles that... READ MORE

Can hair-loss concealers "suffocate the follicle"? What are the potential side-effects?

With products such as Caboki, there have been many rumors about the fibers "suffocating" the hair follicle, esp if the pores open due to heat or... READ MORE

How do you know you're in recovery from Chronic Telogen Effluvium. By the regrowth? Normalized shedding? Biopsy? (photos)

I shed excessively on & off for 11 mos., stopping abruptly in 10/2015. Likely CTE, with marked loss at temples, diffuse elsewhere; anemia present at... READ MORE

Is PCOS hair loss on scalp (hairline, temples, crown) permanent or can it grow back?

I'm 26 and have PCOS. I've recently started noticing really alarming hair thinning on hairline, crown and temples. I was on Spironolactone and Alesse... READ MORE

Do I have telogen effluvium or aga from stop using birth control?

I stopped birth control may 1st, in July I noticed my hair had thinned a lot. Within the next few months I have lost about half my hair. I have lost... READ MORE

Hair Thinning Above Left Temple, Is It MPB?

This started after I used a oil, doo gro. It made my scalp burn so I got Head and Shoulders to wash it off after 3 months not knowing the cause. I... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old. My hair started thinning and my scalp is starting show. Also it feels quite damaged. Any suggestion? (photo)

I have uploaded the pictures of my scalp and my temple area. I started having hairloss since 16 but never was it so prominent that I could actualy see... READ MORE

Does minoxidil work for the temple area?

Note: im not asking for whether or not it's FDA indicated for that area. i know it isn't. i mean in practice does it work? after all instruction say... READ MORE

Thin hair on left temple? Anything to be concerned of? (photos)

I'm 16 and noticed the hair on my left temple is thin. Is it a sign of receding hairline/MPB? And this hasn't happened abruptly. It's been like this... READ MORE

No edges (missing hair on temples). I want my hairline back. What's the best solution? (Photo)

I've been living with missing edges (hair on my temples) since I was a little girl. It is a result of tight ponytails done by mother when I was a... READ MORE

Is Minoxidil effective to use on the hairline and temples?

It appears to me that the hair restorative effects of minoxidil have only been proven when used on the crown of the head. Would topical minoxidil have... READ MORE

How can I reverse hair thinning around my temples? (Photo)

I've been loosing density around my temples and hair feels weaker all around. I've used minoxidil for 2 months but it looks worse, especially my right... READ MORE

I'm getting bald on temple. Is there any hope or hair regrowth in medication? (photo)

I am a girl of age 26....since last 6 years ..i started getting bald on left side at the age of 26 the condition is there any... READ MORE

I have started using capillus laser cap pro 272 $3,000.00 model. can I be losing more hair toward front and temple with this?

Since starting.. My hair feels thinner and losing more hair in front right and left since I started. Did not have problem before using this ad far as... READ MORE

Isn't AGA supposed to be a gradual process not fast? (photos)

How did this happen fast? If it keeps worsening this quickly will I be almost bald soon? Biopsy temple in January 2016 "could indicate early AGA". But... READ MORE

Minoxidil or Finasteride is effective for me? (photos)

I m 27yrs old suffering from hair fall since my 22.My top and temples of the scalp having very thinnin hairs. my father aged 63, is not bald have... READ MORE

Hair loss - I'm currently suffering from hair loss in my temple areas. (photos)

Hi, I'm wanting to get some advice from doctors I'm from the United kingdom and I'm wanting a hair transplant but I don't know how to go about finding... READ MORE

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