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Is Propecia Truly Proven to Be Safe for the Long Term?

I was prescribed Propecia 1 MG for hair loss. However I quit after 3 days when I read a study that stated some very alarming findings: 1. Propecia was... READ MORE

Can hair-loss concealers "suffocate the follicle"? What are the potential side-effects?

With products such as Caboki, there have been many rumors about the fibers "suffocating" the hair follicle, esp if the pores open due to heat or... READ MORE

Does using Minoxidil on beard work and will the beard stay after discontinuing the use?

I am 25 years old with no beard hair. I have 380 ng/dl of T, so on lower side but docs say its normal. So I really want to use minoxidil to grow a... READ MORE

Can Priorin N capsules help my hair grow faster?

I want to know a few things abut Priorin N capsules : ____________________ 1-is the capsules only for women or can be used by man also ? 2-is there... READ MORE

Can Retinoids Cause Hair Loss?

I was Just wondering if using retinoids such as the philosphy miricale worker anti aging retinoid pads, could cause hair loss? Or in general can... READ MORE

Propecia Safety?

Been experiencing male pattern baldness for over 3 years. Now I am 22, and considering using propecia to slow down my hair loss. Would you recommend... READ MORE

Will side effects stop after quitting finasteride?

I have read some reports of side effects continuing after finasteride is stopped. Specifically impotence and depression. How common is this? I am a 24... READ MORE

Any side effects of Topical Tugain 10%?

Im 23, male. Was suffering from much hair loss..Its been 4 months, im daily applying tugain 10% and taking finasteride 1mg tab. Results are good so... READ MORE

Skin irritation using minoxidil ??

Have been using minoxdil for 8 weeks and the first 7 weeks, no side effects. During my 8th week, my ears are red and itchy. My back neck and my scalp... READ MORE

Took finasteride for 3 weeks then quit due to side effects, had significant shedding, will the hair regrow?

I took finasteride for exactly 19 days and then quit due to sexual side effects. I got my dht levels tested prior and apparently it wasn't that high.... READ MORE

How to Counteract Minoxidil's Effect on Collagen Production?

Minoxidil can cause aging by decreasing the expression of lysine hydroxylase in collagen production. Can this be counteracted, or must I just stop... READ MORE

Hair treatment with Minoxidil - long term side effect?

What are real side effects of a years long term use of minoxidil, is it dangerous for liver since you have to use it for life, and how strong is... READ MORE

Hair thinning and breakage. My doctor recommended hydrocortisone .1% for cheilosis. Any thoughts regarding this topic?

The hydrocortisone didn't help my condition but I noticed a marked hair growth in the area that I applied the product. decided to research... READ MORE

Women's minoxidil and unwanted facial hair?

I have been using women's minoxidil 5%foam for 6 months and noticed facial hair all over my face. Is this a side effect of minoxidil? Will it stop... READ MORE

(Natural DHT blockers+Minoxidil) vs Finasteride? (photos)

As Finasteride have sexual side effects I dont want to use it for my hair loss. So can I stop or decrease hairfall and regrow hair by having 3 cup of... READ MORE

Does rogaine cause collagen breakdown?

I've written about my ipl experience and relating it to these grooves that appeared around my eyes one month after 2nd session. Coinciding with ipl i... READ MORE

I am a 55 yr old post menopausal woman suffering from hair loss .Why do Doctors not prescribe Dutasteride for women of my age?

I've been using Rogaine 5% for approx 6 yrs and Dutasteride 0.5 mg for 9 months. My dermatologist added SDZ -pioglitazone 15 mg a month ago but I was... READ MORE

Efficacy of Finasteride at 0.25mg every day? Also have any of your patients suffered persistent or Irreversible side effects?

I am considering adding finasteride to my regimen. I've read somewhere that anything above 0.2 mg is as almost as effective as 1 mg in inhibiting DHT. READ MORE

I'm 29 yrs old male. Hair gain medicine - How to overcome Tugain 5% side effects?

Doctor and he prescribed me Tugain 5% solution, Fincover 1mg and Bio HGF . I stopped taking Fincover 1mg and Bio HGF after 1 year. But I continued... READ MORE

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