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What to Do About Hair Loss and Scars After Head Surgery?

I have a couple of scars on my head since 2004 and my hair hasn't grown back since then. What can I do? I had surgery in 2004 from having a brain... READ MORE

I have had a nevus sebaceous birthmark removed from my head, causing hair loss around the wound. Is this normal? (photo)

The operation was 4 weeks ago and the wound was very tightly stitched after the removal and my skin felt extremely tight and gave me huge pain for the... READ MORE

Can I have hair transplanted on a scar in my moustache?

I had an accident nearly two years before and had a scar on my upper left side of moustache area where there is no hair growing on that scar. hair... READ MORE

Scar on moustache, will hair regrow on this place?

My name is Satish , I met an accident 2 years back, due to this I lost my hair on moustache. I never taken any treatment for this, now I am looking... READ MORE

I have a scar and hair loss on top of my scalp, what options do I have? (photo)

I am a 23 year old female. When I was a about 8 years old, I had an atypical mole cut out from the top of my scalp. Unfortunately, it left a scar on... READ MORE

How to restore hair follicles on a scar on scalp? (Photo)

The attached image shows the the scar on my scalp (which I got last month) and its clearly visible that the hair follicles have reduced around the... READ MORE

Is it possible to regrow my hair in the scar on the top front of my head? (Photo)

Hi Doctor, I have a small dot of scar in the front top of my head, I just wan a ask if it is possible to regrow hair. READ MORE

Will hair grow back to normal? (only 19 yrs old, bald spot is behind my ear) Or is this a type of scar? What should I do?(photo)

When I went to the gym I fell back and hit my head on a metal bar. The next day I had a huge bump where the bar had contact with my head. About three... READ MORE

Is there any suggestions for treating this type of scar baldness? (photos)

About a couple of month I fell and injured the back of my head. It left a big bruise and when it healed I noticed no hair was growing. READ MORE

Hair loss around hairline - what surgery do I need?

25 y/o with thin medium length hair. Hair loss around my hair line makes my forehead look very big. I have little hair on each side near the forehead.... READ MORE

What options do I have in covering a fist sized bald spot at the top center of my head?

I already had some major surgeries to reduce the size of my bald spot, but the spot is still too large to cover. This scar resulted from multiple... READ MORE

Wanting to grow out moustache to cover scar on upper lip. Will hair grow where there's a scar? (Photos)

Last year I had a motor bike accident I have a scar on my upper lip, it's been 1 year still the hair is not growing please suggest me a solution. I... READ MORE

How much normal skin will be removed during a trichophytic closure procedure? (photo)

I have a diagonal scar at the back of head. A hair transplant surgeon said I have to remove a "horizontal" strip of skin. Is it true? I have attached... READ MORE

Head scar- Possible for hair regwoth naturally? (Photo)

Im a 23 year old thats been in a car accident, been in a coma for few months, wondering is there a natural way to grow my hair back? Thanks READ MORE

i have a big scar on my scalp when was 7 years old and I want to know that hair can grow on that area? (Photo)

I am 23 years old and i have big scar on my scalp when i was 7 years old .in a car accident my skin cut and there is no hair so i want know that is... READ MORE

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