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I'm Just 18 and I'm Losing my Hair. Advise Me with Something Good I Can Do to my Hair.

I can even see the skin of my head because of the lost of hair. What can I do, before I lose all of my hair? READ MORE

Would cortisone injections be an option for my hair loss or is hair transplant surgery the only option? (photos)

I am suffering from hair loss around my temple area due to previous styling practices that caused tension. I have discontinued wearing styles that... READ MORE

After application of Minoxidil 5%, I have dandruff-like flakes on my scalp.

Hi.. 1. Age 34 yrs male, using Minoxidil 5% twice a day. 2. After application i have dandruff like white flakes on my scalp which looks very... READ MORE

I quit minoxidil after using 10 times. Will it make things worse? (Photo)

I quit minoxidil 2% after using 10 times, and now i m losing my hairs very fast on that area where i had applied it (hairline and temple area). I feel... READ MORE

Does the Revage 670 Laser Really Work to Restore Hair Growth on the Scalp?

I am 45 year old woman. My hair is getting very thin, but no bald spots. I have been to see endocrinology and dermatology. I have had lots of blood... READ MORE

What are the negative effects of vaseline on hair?

I have thinning hair (due to androgenic alopecia) and I like using a petrolatum-vaseline-wax pomade to style my hair. I've read that (1) vaseline... READ MORE

Will single dose of minoxidil be effective?

I wanted to apply hair oil at night,as my scalp is dry and also people say hair oil nourishes hair.So if i apply minoxidil only in the morning, will... READ MORE

Hair Loss/extreme Dry Scalp?

I'm a 29 yr old female. I do not dye my hair but for some reason it has been falling out in large amounts I do not have bald spots but my hair is... READ MORE

Chemically burnt scalp: will my hair regrow? (photos)

Hi, I went to a hairdresser and dyed my hair for the first time. It was a month ago and I have noticed bald spots on the top of my head, do you think... READ MORE

Will my hair grow back after seborrheic dermatitis on scalp? Now my scalp is under control. Which treatment to regrowth hair?

Suffered with seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp past 4 scalp is under control and normal.which treatment is better to me to regrowth my... READ MORE

Can I put Rogaine on top of scalp that already has hair building fibers on it, such as Toppik?

I am a 21 year old female suffering from female pattern baldness. I just started using Rogaine and I am wondering if I already have hair building... READ MORE

My scalp biopsy report and would like to know best plan for me.

I am posting the results of my scalp biopsy please read and tell me what treatment plan would work for me. my ferritin levels were 40 now they are 82... READ MORE

I am 35 years old. I noticed my hairs were falling out since I got my period. What can I do to regrow my hair?

I am 35 years old. I noticed my hairs were falling out since I got my period. Before that time I had incredible hair. Now my scalp is noticeably bald.... READ MORE

Is it possible for dandruff/dry scalp to cause balding/thinning hair for a 21 year old? (photo)

Ever since I was around 13, I've had bad dandruff and a dry scalp, and thus, have created bad habits of scratching my scalp a lot. Recently, I've... READ MORE

Is there an effective treatment for telogen effluvium?

I am a 17 year old girl with diffuse hair loss for over a year now. After some research I believe it to be chronic telogen effluvium because of the... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old. My hair started thinning and my scalp is starting show. Also it feels quite damaged. Any suggestion? (photo)

I have uploaded the pictures of my scalp and my temple area. I started having hairloss since 16 but never was it so prominent that I could actualy see... READ MORE

Can I take Rogaine for traction alopecia?

I read somewhere that Rogaine can help with traction alopecia (which I got due to hair extensions), and that once hair growth has returned, it can be... READ MORE

2 Shave Biopsy performed on Scalp, Will my hair grow back on those areas? How long will it take to heal? (photos)

I had been suffering from Traction Alopecia for some time now an during my recent visit to a dermatologist a Shave Biopsy was done on my scalp. On... READ MORE

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