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Is Propecia Truly Proven to Be Safe for the Long Term?

I was prescribed Propecia 1 MG for hair loss. However I quit after 3 days when I read a study that stated some very alarming findings: 1. Propecia was... READ MORE

Is applying topical finasteride much safer than taking finasteride orally?

Hi, I'm concerned about side effects but haven't found much studies yet comparing Oral Fin Vs Topical Fin. Any info on DHT levels from blood tests or... READ MORE

Hair Loss Treatments: Considering Finasteride

I'm 24 (5'4" and 160 lbs), this started when 18 yrs old. I am considering taking Finasteride, is it safe to take generic brands? I found... READ MORE

Is it safe to apply Minoxidil on your face to grow facial hair?

Are their any harmful side effects or health complications that can result from this. If one is applying are there any signs or symptoms that should... READ MORE

Hair Falling Out, Does Rogaine for Women Work and is It Safe?

I'm 21, female, curly hair, high forehead. My hair is thinning significantly at my temples, I fill it in with make up so you won't see my scalp. I've... READ MORE

I want to mix Minoxidil 5% with caster oil and coconut oil for hair growth. Is this safe and will it work?

Minoxidil is proven to show hair growth. Caster oil and coconut oil are shown to have positive effects on hair quality and growth. Theory: mixing all... READ MORE

Whether finasteride is safe to use at the age of 20?

Hi i am a 20 year old guy. I have tremendous problem of hair loss and hair thinning. I have consulted a physician. He has advised me to take finax... READ MORE

Is it safe to breastfeed while taking Rogaine?

Is breastfeeding safe while taking Rogaine? READ MORE

May I use andractim on face to grow a decent beard?

Hi I had undergone varicocele vasectomy before 5yeard but now it re occurs I feel more fatigue libido problems decreased limb size seems to be less... READ MORE

Is minoxidil safe to use long-term?

I am 24 y.o. with receding hairline. Is minox safe to use long term? I have read a study where 6 months of topical minox use significantly increased... READ MORE

How toxic is 5% minoxidil if you don't wash your hands after applying it and eat food? When is it safe to touch my hair?

I feel paranoid sometimes. I don't want to touch my hair and spread it on my skin. Should I be really worried? What can happen? READ MORE

Is Rogaine safe to use long term?

I have been using Rogaine for over 2 years with no known side effects, but I found some information online that minoxidille can cause heart problems.... READ MORE

What is Q Sera, and does it have Minoxidil?

Dear doctor i have got 5000 hair transplanted, and my doctor suggested me minioxidil , but whenever i use this i got white flakes and too much... READ MORE

I recently stopped Propecia after 6 years and don't want to lose my hair. Shall I take it again? (Photo)

I have taken Propecia since 2009 without any break in between. However, exploring on the internet recently I found that some serious doubts regarding... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for hair fall and dandruff? (photos)

I have hair loss since 3 years. No one in my family maternal and paternal sides have baldness. Have lost hair from the front two corners. I used to... READ MORE

Is finasteride safe for treating male androgenetic alopecia?

I have seen a lot of papers published in the last years suggesting permanent side effects. (not only concerning sexual but also mental adverse effects). READ MORE

Basically I am losing hair, I am taking a lot of tablets. I don't know if this is safe long term?

I have been on propeica for 2 years now, My hair loss is stable now although crown is still visibly bald and frontal hair line is gone, rest of the... READ MORE

If you use Finasteride every other day (one day on, one day off), is it as effective as if taken daily? Safe or not safe?

Reading some articles online were some people take it on & off. Curious to know if safe or can cause harm. READ MORE

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