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Propecia Safety?

Been experiencing male pattern baldness for over 3 years. Now I am 22, and considering using propecia to slow down my hair loss. Would you recommend... READ MORE

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Is there an increased risk for birth defects if the baby’s father is taking Finasteride?

2- Is there any way to decrease the risk by for example discontinue talking finasteride when Planning to have a baby ? READ MORE

Is it worth the risk to try propria (finasteride)?

I've been thinking about trying propecia, however the horror stories (ED, brain fog, etc..) scare me away. What are your personal experience with... READ MORE

Finasteride Safety in Young Men (Sexual Well Being Related)

Finasteride has a reputation, albeit for a very low percentage of users, of having significant side effects related to sexual abnormalities, like... READ MORE

Generic Version of Propecia Okay? How Long Can I Go Without Taking it?

Hi ive been taking finesteride tablets which is a generic version of propecia, my pharmacist says its the same thing but cheaper and i just quarter... READ MORE

Thinning hair and tape extensions

Hi there,last year I was on a medication that caused significant hair thinning. It caused the follicles to shrink and now my hair sheds a lot and is... READ MORE

Hair-Loss Treatments! Regarding Minoxidil.

I need some advice on a product I'm considering. I'm 24, this started when 18 yrs old. Minoxidilmax from amazon, this is 15% Minoxidil. This... READ MORE

Are spironolactone and birth control pills safe to take long term to treat androgenic alopecia?

I am a 30 yr old female and diagnosed with androgenic alopecia. Have been told by two doctors to treat with low androgen birth control and 100mg... READ MORE

Should I take Propecia to stop my hair loss?

Hey, I was considering taking Propecia for my hair loss but the only thing that's stopping me is the risk of permanent side effects, I'm a young guy... READ MORE

Can I use modafinil and finasteride at the same time?

Hello I'm a shiftworker so i use the medicine modafinil, now lately i'm going bald, so my question is will there be a druginteraction when i use... READ MORE

Can Biotin in high dosages cause faster hair growth?

If i take biotin in high dosage like 2500mcg +, my hair growth rate can be faster? I see a lot of people report that high dosage of biotin caused them... READ MORE

What are the risks of Rogaine use during the first few weeks of pregnancy?

I just found out theat I am 4 weeks pregnant. I was using Rogaine on my eyebrows for the past few months, but I stopped about a week ago, when I... READ MORE

Finasteride: If I go cold turkey, Is there any risk?

I have some doubts regarding use of finasteride. My question is can stop taking in it from today or shall I reduce quantity day by day.? READ MORE

Will taking Saw Palmetto pills interfere with taking 88 mcg for my hypothyroidism?

I am currently taking 88 mcg of levothyroxine. However, I am also taking saw palmetto pills (3-4 a day) to help prevent hair loss. I usually don't... READ MORE

Been using Propecia for 11 months without noticing side effects. Will I notice the side effects later in life?

I've been using Propecia for 11 months without noticing the sexual side effects. However for the last couple of days I've been worrying about the... READ MORE

No family history of hair loss. Is it common for people to experience MPB when none of their close relatives have it?

I was wondering, is it common for people to experience MPB when non of their close relatives has it? If so, what is the frequency of this occurring?... READ MORE

Propecia side effect

Do men with small penis and small testicles (who are healthy) have a higher chance of receiving side effects from Propecia? I read that propecia... READ MORE

Propecia use after surgery to remove gynecomastia? (Photo)

Hi, I am a 31 year old male who had surgery 6 months ago to remove gynecomastia that occurred in puberty. I had great results from this procedures but... READ MORE

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