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I'm 20, is it possible to stop hair loss and regrow my lost hairs ? Which treatment do you recommend for excessive hair loss?

My age is 20 ... I have excessive hairloss for over an year... 2 years ago I had full head of hair... But now I notice that I'm going bald..!!! My... READ MORE

Depression and Chronic Stress - Can They Cause Hair Loss?

I have been experiencing chronic stress for a long time, about 5 years non-stop. From this I developed depression and suicidal thoughts. My question... READ MORE

Is there anything to regrow lost hair at temples? (photos)

Is there anything to regrow lost hair at temples? It has been few years I have noticed hair loss in this area, but since I stopped using Rogaine I... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Help my Eyebrows Grow? Can I Do Anything to Make Them Grow Where They Didnt Before?

I am not looking for a semi permanent solution like Latisse. I am wondering if there's anything that can help regrow and perhaps encourage growth in... READ MORE

Is PCOS hair loss on scalp (hairline, temples, crown) permanent or can it grow back?

I'm 26 and have PCOS. I've recently started noticing really alarming hair thinning on hairline, crown and temples. I was on Spironolactone and Alesse... READ MORE

Is topical spironolactone cream effective for hair loss due to androgenic alopecia? Is it effective for hair regrowth?

Is topical spironolactone cream effective for hair loss due to androgenic alopecia? Is it effective for hair regrowth? READ MORE

I'm a woman with bald spots on the sides of my head, how do I get my hair to start growing? (photo)

I have a bald spots on the sides of my head and in the center. in those areas its just plain smooth skin. I already know that these problem areas have... READ MORE

What kind of treatments can a Dermatologist do to help me regrow my eyebrows?

We'll my eyebrows have been shedding a lot for months now so I decided it's time to go see a dermatologist . I was just wondering what treatments he... READ MORE

Took finasteride for 3 weeks then quit due to side effects, had significant shedding, will the hair regrow?

I took finasteride for exactly 19 days and then quit due to sexual side effects. I got my dht levels tested prior and apparently it wasn't that high.... READ MORE

Can I shave my head completely?

Dr, I am himali and 15 yrs old.i am really worried about the hair on my hair, i am suffering from hair fall, two years back i ironed my hair 2 to 3... READ MORE

Is natural hair regrowth possible? (Photo)

I m just 20 years old,i have changed my hometown and after a few months i m noticing hairfall in a great rate,is it possible to regrow new natural... READ MORE

Will ripped out hair grow back?

I had scalp hair torn out about 9 months ago. Thin, white hairs have grown back to about 1/4". Recovery / growth has halted at that point. I've... READ MORE

Can dead hair follicles regrow by PRP hair loss treatment? (photos)

My age is 24. I am suffering from hairloss. I want to have FUE hari transplantation but before that I want to go for PRP hair loss treatment. READ MORE

Regrowth of hair in male pattern baldness

Hi, I am Norwood 4 stage. Please help me to recover my hair. As I could not able to notice hair fall but my receding hairline and cortex region... READ MORE

Hair Got Pulled out. Will it Grow Back?

Hi I have naturally very thick hair..I got depressed and it knoted up and I lost a lot of hair from my bun. Now I am on meds a nd I went and bought... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for hair loss in women?

Im 20 and my hairloss began at15, now my curlies are so damaged and I can see slaces between one root to another, what can I use to tur back my full... READ MORE

If I start to use women's Rogaine, will my hair become fuller and restored?

As I have suffered from Trichotillomania. A hair pulling disorder. If I use Women's Rogaine, will it help me? Please.. I need to know, what will... READ MORE

Will my hair grow back after an accident that caused a deep gash on my scalp? (Photo)

I had a car accident two weeks back where my head hit the steering wheel causing a deep gash on my head. It bled a lot but after it healed on its own,... READ MORE

I am 18 years of age. I experienced hair loss. Will my hair grow back?

My hair is too soft .. till when I was 16 years of age my hair was denser .. but now its thickness is much reduced and i could clearly see gaps when I... READ MORE

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