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Why Am I Losing my Hair!?

For the past four years it seems as though I am losing more than the "normal" amount of hair. I am actually scared to wash my hair for fear... READ MORE

Age 25, Severe Hair Loss. Everywhere Else I Have a Normal Amount?

I Am 25 Yrs of Age. Am Facing Severe Hair Falling, Its Ok It is Genetics but All my Hairs in my normal healthy body without any complications. color... READ MORE

Why my hair is falling rapidly from my forehead? (Photo)

Before six month my hair start to fall then soon I shave my head hair and when it grows again it start to fall.I see everyday in my room and on bed a... READ MORE

Why I am getting bald on my forehead? Moreover, my face turns bad because of my hair (Photo)

I am 18 now and I suffer from serious hair loss and balding on my head , at first I didn't consider it but it turns vigorous now and I am shedding out... READ MORE

Can I use nizoral shampoo for alopecia areata?

I am alopecia areata again and again .I have tried many solution and many medicine . it gets treated but does not cure permanently. I want to know... READ MORE

Can you lose hair by using hair shampoo?

Does shampoo has a negative side. Can hair shampoo be one of the reasons for hair loss? READ MORE

Propecia not working, but Minoxidil has amazing results

So I have used Propecia for 16 months with no results/maintenance. I still lose hair in the same rate as I did before I started using 1 mg Propecia. I... READ MORE

What is the reason for the hair loss?

Hair loss acquires in while combing and while bathing READ MORE

Why am I losing a lot of hair? I'm 20, male. I've been experiencing abnormal shedding for almost one year. How to stop it?

I shed everyday about 10-20 hairs in the shower(maybe less)I find some hair on my clothes,bed,few pillow,I also lose from all my body.a couple of... READ MORE

I'm 23 years old, female, and I need to know; why is my hair falling out? (Photo)

I'm 23 years old, female and my hair has been balding for about a year now. My scalp feels like it's burning sometimes and I don't know how this... READ MORE

Why do some patients have defects on the skull around the areas where the patches of Alopecia Areata are located?

It seems like the patients have defects on the skull where the patches are located. Kinda like "depression" on the skull READ MORE

Why is my hair falling out? (Photo)

I'm 23 years old, female. About 2 weeks ago I noticed every time I brush or gently run my hand down my pony-tail at any point an time of the day I get... READ MORE

Why does hair fall out more when is oily/dirty?

I find that when my hair is oily or uncleaned for some days it falls out more when i wash it. READ MORE

Why am I losing my hair at 22? (Photo)

My hair was healthy last year, i was thin but not as thin now. i started noticing it was becoming frizzy and a lot more hair was coming out. Now when... READ MORE

Why are my eyebrows falling out? My eyebrows have been falling out for over two years now.

I have naturally thick eyebrows, so it hasn't been very noticeable. They do grow back, but they keep falling, always with a white sebum plug at the... READ MORE

Is there a relation between scalp dysethieses and hair loss? Why does scalp pain happen with hair loss?

I am suffering from scalp dysethises and hair loss for the last six months. I used Phyto hair supplements for 9months and then changed to nourkrin.... READ MORE

End of Intense Hair Shedding After 15 Years - But Why No Regrowth?

During my late-20s I started to experience severe hair shedding with a terrible case of dandruff that covered my entire scalp. A derm prescribed me... READ MORE

Why are crusty skin flakes coming out with my hair? (Photo)

I have been losing large amounts of hair since October 2016. I have had blood work and a biopsy done, and it appears to be a case of aggressive... READ MORE

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