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What Can Be Done for Hairloss for Women Between 50-60 Years?

This is for my Mom who is suffering severe hair loss problem. She is not interested in hair transplantation.She wants a natural remedy that doesn't... READ MORE

Is natural hair regrowth possible? (Photo)

I m just 20 years old,i have changed my hometown and after a few months i m noticing hairfall in a great rate,is it possible to regrow new natural... READ MORE

What are the treatments available for hair loss caused by PCOS Hormonal Disorder?

I'm looking for natural ways to overcome this problem. Other symptoms are: - Weight gain - Acne - Hair Loss - excessive hairiness - Fatigue,... READ MORE

Can certain degree of hair miniaturization present in a normal non balding person?

I read in some online sources that a normal non balding person can typically expect roughly 10 - 20% of their hair to miniaturize, not sure if this is... READ MORE

Does Castor Oil Stimulate Hair Growth?

Is there any natural hair stimulants, whether topical or oral that is proven by science/research to work? READ MORE

Alternative to Minoxidil? Any natural alternative (coconut oil or something along those lines) with less chance of side effects?

I was asked by my doctor to begin using minoxidil 5%, 10 days post op. Id rather not, as I'm a bit worried about the side effects. I don't want... READ MORE

Small hairs on hairline. The small hairs, can they grow back again or they are dead? (photos)

I have posted the close up pic of my hairline. I have been massaging my scalp on and off with natural oils, could this be the result of that? Also... READ MORE

Naturally Thin hair or balding?

I was wondering, could a otherwise healthy individual just have naturally low hair density on certain part of their scalp , or is it always a... READ MORE

Is Castor Oil an Effective Natural Remedy For Hair Loss?

Is it true that Castor Oil can help with hair loss? READ MORE

Is there anything that can Regrow my hairline naturally?

At the beginning of the summer my hair line was thin on one side but toward the beginning of July my hairline was receding more and more and now it... READ MORE

Is there a way to grow your hair 4 inches in a week or at least one?

Hair growth for black people I'm not I quote I am not asking for extensions weave nor am I asking for a wig I just want to grow out my natural curly hair READ MORE

Is there a way I can grow back lost hair in a natural way instead of a hair transplant operation? I'm only in 10th grade. photo

I got this loss spot of hair in grade 5 , when a stone the size of a cricket ball that hit me just in the middle between my hair and my forehead from... READ MORE

My eyebrow stopped growing when I was 10 years old. Is there anything I can do to make it grow fuller?

Hey, ever since i was 10 years my eyebrow stopped growing..... i have been using castor oil for my eyebrow and hair but its still not working, as for... READ MORE

What are natural remedies for right sided receding hairline? (photos)

Is my hairloss on the right side warrant concern? I am 24 years old and feel like I am losing more hair. I am very active, eat extremely healthy, and... READ MORE

I want a name of natural shampoo from pharmacy for Hair Loss. Any suggestions?

My hair is falling too much because of the bad shampoos i use ,by the way im a 20 years old boy READ MORE

I am 18. My hairline dips down in the middle and then becomes much higher at the sides. Is it receding or just naturally curved?

I looked at pictures of myself from up to three years ago (I had long hair before that it couldn't see my hairline in any pictures) I have the same... READ MORE

Will I lose my natural hair if I stop minoxidil?

I have been using minoxidil for 1 year,but stopped before 3 month since i felt that it didnt work for me.i know that if i stop minoxidil,i will loose... READ MORE

Will my hair grow back after no blood flow from wearing a tight stocking cap for three months?

I wore a stocking cap for three months with a hairstyle on top. After taking off the stocking cap there was this line that also was an indent in the... READ MORE

What are some effective vitamins and minerals for hairloss/hair shedding?

I was diagnosed with telogen effluvium by one derm and androgenic alopecia with TE by another derm. I would like to try doing some natural things to... READ MORE

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