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Is Propecia Truly Proven to Be Safe for the Long Term?

I was prescribed Propecia 1 MG for hair loss. However I quit after 3 days when I read a study that stated some very alarming findings: 1. Propecia was... READ MORE

Avodart and Propecia. Do they work forever or for a short time? Side effects?

Anti hairloss Meds, do they work at preventing future loss or are people prone to losing their hair but at a slower pace when on these pills? Do they... READ MORE

Is Rogaine safe to use long term?

I have been using Rogaine for over 2 years with no known side effects, but I found some information online that minoxidille can cause heart problems.... READ MORE

Will taking Finpecia long-term have any effect on kidney in near future?

Hello, I'm 23, male. Was suffering from much hair loss... my dermatologist suggested finpecia and topical solution tugain 10%. Does taking the tablet... READ MORE

Is minoxidil safe to use long-term?

I am 24 y.o. with receding hairline. Is minox safe to use long term? I have read a study where 6 months of topical minox use significantly increased... READ MORE

Is Spironolactone successful at helping to regrow hair from PCOS hair loss (if taken long term at high enough dose)?

Hello. I have PCOS and Androgenic Alopecia as a result. I am currently on (100 mg) Spironolactone, birth control and Rogaine. I am aware of side... READ MORE

Basically I am losing hair, I am taking a lot of tablets. I don't know if this is safe long term?

I have been on propeica for 2 years now, My hair loss is stable now although crown is still visibly bald and frontal hair line is gone, rest of the... READ MORE

Is the usage of 5% minoxidil topical lotion completely safe for long term permanent eyebrow growth? (photo)

My eyebrow are neither too thick nor too thin . I am happy with its shape even though I've never indulged in any particular grooming other than... READ MORE

Are spironolactone and birth control pills safe to take long term to treat androgenic alopecia?

I am a 30 yr old female and diagnosed with androgenic alopecia. Have been told by two doctors to treat with low androgen birth control and 100mg... READ MORE

What is the exact longterm process for Minoxidil 5% on my eyebrows to have constant eyebrow growth?

I've faced dramatic eyebrow loss about 3 years ago due to pencil filling; my dr recommended minoxidil 5%. i haven't visited my doctor again. i've been... READ MORE

Is finasteride safe to use as a long term treatment for MPB?

I have been suggested to use Finasteride 1 mg daily, I have heard and read about side effets of Fin. Is this drug safe to consume for long time? READ MORE

Can bicalutamide treat female androgenetic alopecia when sensitivity to androgens is present and spiro was not tolerated?

I have androgenetic alopecia and currently treating with minoxidil and low androgen birth control. I need to add an antiandrogen but spironolactone... READ MORE

Minoxidil: Are there any known side effects?

Are there any long or short term side effects associated with the use of Minoxidil? READ MORE

Rogaine: What are the side effects?

Are there any known short or long term side effects associated with the use of Rogaine? READ MORE

Can side effects persist even after discontinuing Finasteride for Hair Loss (1 Mg per day)? I am 26 Year old.

I am worried about the long term side effects of Finasteride. Would side effects disappear after discontinuance of Finasteride ? What are the chances... READ MORE

Can 0.25 mg Finasteride increase sex drive with long-term use?

Over-exhaustion was caused by frequent masterbation due to craving more sex. I've never in my life masterbated 4-5x per day everyday for around a week... READ MORE

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