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Is It Possible to Reverse Hair Loss from Hormone Imbalance?

Is hormone imbalance dangerous? I'm trying to find out more about hormone imbalance, treaments and if it is possible to reverse hair loss from... READ MORE

What are the treatments available for hair loss caused by PCOS Hormonal Disorder?

I'm looking for natural ways to overcome this problem. Other symptoms are: - Weight gain - Acne - Hair Loss - excessive hairiness - Fatigue,... READ MORE

How can I treat my hair loss?

I am 57 years old. for the past 6 years I have lost almost all of my hair. I had blood tests for hormonal changes, iron shortages, etc. I have been... READ MORE

23 year old female. I have had hair loss problem for 4 years now. What is the right treatment?

It starts in May.2 months before the hair loss each year my nails become brittle.In the first year, it was because of stress.The second year I was... READ MORE

I am a 22 year old female and my hair is falling out, could this be a hormone imbalance problem?

I have had diffuse hair fall for about 3 years now. First started at crown, now along the sides as well. I've been on birth control for 5 years and... READ MORE

Will my hair grow again to the way it was after treating the hormonal imbalance?

I'm a 18 year old girl. I'm dealing with serious hair loss. The surface of my head could be seen easily since my hair is so thin in the top of my head... READ MORE

Infertility hormone drugs - Is it permanent hair loss or temporary?

I'm trying to get pregnant (4th round of IUI) w/ Gonal-F @ (300); Ovidril; and took est/prog on 2 cycles for 9 days/ea. Doc said from start I will... READ MORE

What blood tests one should get done before starting propecia for hair loss?

I want to keep the baseline levels of my hormones as a backup if I get sides with propecia. What tests should I get done. Thanks a ton. READ MORE

I have PCOS and have taken Metformin & BCP (Beyaz) for years. I stopped the BCP 7 months ago & have had severe hair loss.Advice?

I came off of the BCP due to low libido & concern of artificial hormones. The hair loss started very suddenly about 2-3 months later & has not gotten... READ MORE

Hair loss due to spironolactone or IUD?

I started spironolactone about 3 weeks ago for hormonal acne. 2 weeks ago I got a Mirena IUD. I noticed 1 week later my hair started to feel much... READ MORE

I'm 17 yrs old. Am I going bald?

So when I was young, like 14, 15, I didn't cut my hair for months and months because I liked long hair. One time I decided to cut my hair and I... READ MORE

I'm 32 and my hair is the worst it's ever been. Can this be linked to hormonal imbalance?

Im 32 , been experiencing hair thinning since the age of 17. Ive been on minoxidil up till now. Its almost like 1 year it looks ok and another it gets... READ MORE

Can Propecia Cause Hormonal Imbalance?

Could the use of Propecia for hair loss cause hormonal imbalance? READ MORE

How can I treat hormonal hair loss? I'm not sure if this is the problem.

Hair falling problem due to Harmonal or other problem I am upload my hairs picture below READ MORE

Hormone levels check up before and during finasteride use

I would like to have a comparison between my hormone levels before using finasteride (= my normal hormone status) and the hormone levels during... READ MORE

Will spearmint tea work if levels are normal?

I took some hair growth vitamins. But now i have all this unwanted facial hair. All labs hormone testosterone and fsh thyroid normal. Will spearmint... READ MORE

Any suggestions for hair loss/thinning?

I am 27 years old F & I am experiencing hair loss. At first I thought it was stress related but months have gone by & it has only gotten worse. I had... READ MORE

I'm 50, female, with diffuse hair loss. I lost hair from anorexia, and again from Norplant. Is aldectone a good option?

The Norplant (levonorgestrel) caused my hair to fall out. And ever since then I've used Minoxidil on the temple area. It causes baby hairs to grow.... READ MORE

Is a slightly elevated FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) a red flag in telogen effluvium or AGA?

I am routinely tested for iron and thyroid and recently had my hormones tested - DHEAs, LH, FSH, prolactin, androstenedione, testosterone (which my dr... READ MORE

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