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What Type of Doctor Should I See for Thinning Hair?

I am a 53 year old woman and my hair has lost its body and is thinning. Who should I see? Can a dermatologist help me? READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Rejuvenation Work?

I have thinning hair on the crown of my head, and I'm wondering, does the Revage 670 laser machine work for this? READ MORE

Falling Hair Treatment for Female?

I'm 21 years old, female and I'm very upset. My hair is very thin and fall too much. Please, I'm very upset about my hair. What can I do? READ MORE

What to Do About Hair Loss and Scars After Head Surgery?

I have a couple of scars on my head since 2004 and my hair hasn't grown back since then. What can I do? I had surgery in 2004 from having a brain... READ MORE

How to Stop Hair from Shedding?

My hair has been shedding like crazy lately. It doesn't matter whether I comb or just touch it. It looks and feels thinner but I don't see any patches... READ MORE

Treatment for Young Male with Possible Telogen Effluvium?

I'm a 19-year-old male. Six months ago, I noticed that my hair was falling out much quicker than it ever had before. I have always had pretty thin... READ MORE

Can Foot Fungus Cause Hair Loss?

Can foot fungus, once it's in the blood stream, cause falling hair? My hair has been falling out and thinning for 10 years. READ MORE

Eyebrow Hair Growth Options?

I have eyebrows that do not have enough hair on them? I have had this a while. I have noticed it again recently because they are itchy (one in... READ MORE

What is the difference in the percentage of minoxidil ?

I have been using minoxidil 5% for a long time and i have noticed that my hair fall have stopped to a great extent. i have seen minoxidil with 10% in... READ MORE

Who Should I See for Eyebrow Hair Loss?

I've been losing a lot of my eyebrow hair lately and I have no clue why. I also have this crust that forms under my eyebrows and I dont know if that's... READ MORE

Thin hair on my crown? (Photo)

I'm 16. I noticed thin on my crown. Is it hair loss? Or just cowlick/swirl? READ MORE

Can Allergies or Fungus Cause Hair Loss?

Noticed a small bald patch on beard. Today it's been growing and spreading into one really big patch under the chin and a small one the size of a dime... READ MORE

Do I have telogen effluvium?

I am a 16 year old male and I have always had thick hair, about 6 months ago I noticed that my hair has been significantly thinning on top and I've... READ MORE

I'm 25 yrs old and have been losing a lot of hair. What treatment would you recommend?

I don't take any medication or steriods. I was on the pill for 2 years and stopped 4 months ago. I don't dye my hair or use hair straighteners. But my... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing shedding after 6 months minoxidil use?

Hi, I've been using Minoxidil since October 2016 and after January I started seeing the result. I got back almost everything that I had lost and it... READ MORE

Does minoxidil actually cause more hair loss?

I read this yesterday(been using it for around 10 days) and went NUTS. i know all medicine have side effects. some can even kill you. But this is the... READ MORE

I Am Losing Hair and Maybe Grafts After 4,5 Post FUE. Is Something Wrong? (photo)

Had fue transplant 4 1/2 month ago. Until 10 days ago I saw progress. But ten days ago I began loosing transplanted hair. I wake up with many hairs in... READ MORE

Vodka Rinse for Hair Growth?

I recently read that "Adding a splash of vodka to shampoo can help cleanse the scalp and stimulate hair growth." Is this true?? READ MORE

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