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My Hair Has Been Pulled out from Wearing a Ponytail All the Time. Will It Grow Back

I stopped wearing ponytails and bought womans rogain..Will the pulled hair ever grow back? READ MORE

Hair Trauma After Extensions: Will my Hair Grow Back?

I have a scab in the middle of my head from wearing hair extensions. The extensions were so tight i took them out after 3 days. My scalp was bloody,... READ MORE

How do I make my hair grow 5 inches in 1 week?

I need it to be a quick simple process no pills READ MORE

My hair thinned because I got it bleached. It won't grow back. What can I do?

Hi i used to have very thick hair. My hair was so thick that my hair ties would break. I then went into a salon and a woman put streaks in my hair... READ MORE

How Can Hair Grow Faster?

How can I make my hair grow faster? Is there something I can buy? READ MORE

Follow-up: Why does the hairs in the front of my scalp grow so slow?

The hairs in the front of my scalp seem to grow much slower than the back and I've been trying for a couple of months to grow it out but it's growing... READ MORE

Will my hair grow again to the way it was after treating the hormonal imbalance?

I'm a 18 year old girl. I'm dealing with serious hair loss. The surface of my head could be seen easily since my hair is so thin in the top of my head... READ MORE

May I use andractim on face to grow a decent beard?

Hi I had undergone varicocele vasectomy before 5yeard but now it re occurs I feel more fatigue libido problems decreased limb size seems to be less... READ MORE

Is protopic affective for alapecia areata?

Hello, so I have a alapecia areata on one of my eyebrows for about 9 months till now. I used many treatment but none seems to be affective for me. I... READ MORE

I have lost all most 50% of hair on my head and my hair became very thin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have lost all most 50% of hair on my head , hair became very very thin .am 24 years old, is it there any treatment , which is healthy , grow my hair... READ MORE

Egg Hair Mask, Does This Help Prevent Hair Loss?

True or False: egg whites mixed with olive or coconut oil and applied to the scalp for 15-20 minutes can prevent hair loss while stimulating growth?... READ MORE

My beard growth is uneven

I am 19 I have beard on the right side of my face but on the left side it ia uneven . Uneven in the sence it is not growing everywhere .Is there any... READ MORE

Medicines to make hair grow faster in Alopecia Areata

I have been suffering from Alopecia Areata for around a year. The doctor prescribed Diprovate lotion and Sensur Oil and Minoxidil. I can see tiny hair... READ MORE

Minoxidil for beard growth? How to induce "terminalisation" of vellus hair? (photo)

Terminalisation isn't a technical term but hoped someone could help. I have used minoxidil for 11 months to stimulate facial hair growth. Now i am... READ MORE

Will low level laser therapy to the face help grow a thicker beard? I use LLLT with over 20 lasers for 1.5-2 hrs weekly.

3 to 4 lllt treatments each week for 30 minutes each,always using lllt every other day to try to grow a full beard with no bald or thin spots.I use... READ MORE

Any suggestions for facial hair growth?

My facial hair or beard do not grow or have very low growth rate.I do not have facial hair at some parts of my face at all. I want to have a dense... READ MORE

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