Genetic + Hair Loss Treatment

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I'm 21 years old and I suffer from severe hair loss and baldness many areas. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

.is the transplantation of hair is effective . my father is blade so its mainly genetic cause my hair is also thin short and splitting whats the most... READ MORE

What is the prediction of hair loss for men at this age? (Photo)

I'm only 18 years old and getting bald (I think it's pretty obvious). It must be genetic, because I eat well, I'm feeling well and I have a healthy... READ MORE

I'm Engjell Pireva 24 years old. I start losing hairs these 2 -3 last years. Any suggestions? (photos)

I will let you kniw that my hairlost is genetic , im wonder to know , can I have a surgery on my age 24 ? What after surgery my hairs gona fall again... READ MORE

Mastutbating /overmasturbating and hairfall

Doctor, I have been masturbating from the age of 14 and now am 21.From last one year i have been overmasturbating.Daily 2-3 times.And i have noted... READ MORE

Likelihood of MPB?

Hello, I would like a simple opinion about my likelihood for male pattern baldness. My maternal and paternal grandfathers died with a full of hair. My... READ MORE

Genetical Hair Loss - Will It Get Worse?

My hair is thinning and my hairline is receding slowly but surely and I'm only 27. My dad has it slightly worse but he's already at 60. Since it's... READ MORE

Is this a genetic hair loss? (photos)

Female 20years this happend after strong stress the shine goes through the front line of my hair please help READ MORE

Do I have a male pattern hair loss?

I have hairloss from a young age of 19.i am 22 now & i have lost 20% of my hair and it has receded a bit ,there are people who are bald in my family... READ MORE

Is there any way to slow down balding or delay it ??

Hi, i started to lose my hair for about 6 months, i am now 18 years old.My dad is a bald man ,so this genetic deficit runs in my family. i'm wondering... READ MORE

Can stress lead to genetic hair loss or not?

Female 20 ihave hairloss due to sever stress for long time my hairloss was from all over my scalp i was loosing more than 250 hairs every day 1 year... READ MORE

Can genetic hair loss cause hairlines to recede?

I am 21 female, facing hair loss from head as well as legs. My skin is itchy and red when I brush my hair. My toes are cold almost always. My skin... READ MORE

I'm suffering from genetic alopecia. Any suggestions?

Sir im suffering from genetic alopecia .my hair first starts thinning on the crown now im seeing bald taking biotin plus regaine solution... READ MORE

Hair loss and body hair - hormonal or genetic?

I am 22 years old. During the past year my body experienced radical changes. I was relatively hairy in my legs, arms, face, and chest, but since about... READ MORE

Can Male Pattern Baldness Be Received from my Mom's Paternal and Maternal Grandfathers?

I have been thinning on the top of my scalp (top only not the sides or the back) for about 1 year. I didn't take vitamins for a long time, but now... READ MORE

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