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Eyebrow Hair Loss, Flaking and Scabbing, Is this a Thyroid Issue?

I've white-ish & yellow-ish scabs forming in my brows: taut, dry & scaly. The sizes of these scabs vary from tiny to chunky (as the pic of... READ MORE

Hair Trauma After Extensions: Will my Hair Grow Back?

I have a scab in the middle of my head from wearing hair extensions. The extensions were so tight i took them out after 3 days. My scalp was bloody,... READ MORE

Minoxidil causing dandruff-like flakes on hair from drying skin. Any suggestions?

Does Minoxidil affect the hair's scalp healthiness if it dries and peels of dry skin or makes the scalp dry? I've been using it for a while and... READ MORE

How to remove flakes caused due to application of Minoxidil?

I use minoxidil twice a day.. But i get flakes all over my head. This does not cause irrotation but it seems to me that it is bad for the health of... READ MORE

I have serbohoeic dermatitis for the last two months. I'm using kevon lotion, mild shampoo and acnestar tablets. Any suggestion?

But for the last one month hair loss is increased to 40 -50 per day..however flakes from the scalp has reduced..i am observing hair thinning in... READ MORE

Can scalp build up contribute to hair loss? (photos)

I have been loosing hair the past year and a half. There's not any balding in my family, so I don't think its MPB. I have noticed when I scratch my... READ MORE

Can stopping Finasteride after a few weeks of consumption cause hair loss?

It all started with a sudden diffuse hairloss along with flaky scalp. I jumped on to fin without a second thought. Now after visiting to a... READ MORE

Why minoxidil foam?

Greetings, I've recently complained about minoxidil liquid 5% for men and I've complained because it has been causing my itching and dandruff-like... READ MORE

Is this a side effect of Finasteride?

It all began in middle of july when my excessive shedding scalp got really flaky, itchy, oily and inflammed. I started taking finasteride... READ MORE

Hair Shedding Rapidly in the Course of Six Months?

Hi ive always had a receding hairline since age 18..currently 23 and the whole top of my head has started shedding a lot in the last 6 months.the... READ MORE

I have issues with my scalp, patches of flaking skin and hair loss/thinning by my temples. Any suggestions? (photos)

After about 2 years of this on and off problem and after switching to organic hair dye and shampoo etc, my scalp has improved and the hair by my... READ MORE

Does this hair loss pattern look like male pattern baldness? (Photo)

My father has a full head of hair. My grandpa on his side does not. My grandpa on my mother's side has a full head of hair. These photos were taken... READ MORE

Is there a pill that substitutes for Rogaine?

I have been applying Rogaine (liquid form) on the scalp of my head for over a year now. It has worked very well. However, my issue is the flakes that... READ MORE

Pattern baldness at very young age?

Hello.i heard that there are many specialists having a big problem hair is thinning,especially at the had been about a... READ MORE

Why are crusty skin flakes coming out with my hair? (Photo)

I have been losing large amounts of hair since October 2016. I have had blood work and a biopsy done, and it appears to be a case of aggressive... READ MORE

Nineteen and my hair is thinning like crazy, what do I do? Please help. (photo)

My hairs been thin over the past few years but it seems to have gotten worse? ): It's transparent besides a few hairs at my crown. My scalp is also... READ MORE

Can dandruff cause thinning and hair loss?

I have flakes on my scalp. I itch a lot and my scalp stings. I bleached my hair a few months ago. My hair is really thin. I'm going to a dermatologist... READ MORE

Scalp Itching due to Minoxidil? 3 weeks post op.

Okay so three weeks into minoxidil liquid 5% and I am getting these occasional itching on my scalp (where I usually apply minox)...didnt used to have... READ MORE

Should I worry or just try and change something?

27 year old female. My hair Is thinning and falling out, my skin is dry and flacky. I've been on a healthy low calorie (1500) diet with increased... READ MORE

Re Growth of Lost Hair Solution?

Hi,i have white flakes forming in my scalp i feel its the reason for my hair loss how to stop white flakes formation and solution for re growth of... READ MORE

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