Finasteride + Hair Loss Treatment

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Is applying topical finasteride much safer than taking finasteride orally?

Hi, I'm concerned about side effects but haven't found much studies yet comparing Oral Fin Vs Topical Fin. Any info on DHT levels from blood tests or... READ MORE

What happens if I stop taking Minoxidil and start taking Propecia (Finasteride)?

I have been using minoxidol for about 13 months and now my hair started to fall again. I went to my doctor and was given propecia. when started using... READ MORE

Heard of Minoxidil - Finasteride combination treatment. What should be the dosages for the same fpr be? 36yrs healthy male.

I am 36 yrs : suffering from male pattern baldness. Did not try any treatment so far . If saw palmetto berry' 450mg - twice a day would suffice ? or ,... READ MORE

Does Minoxidil and Finasteride help to thicken hair?

I am using minoxidil and finastride from 8 month and i am looking more hairs are growing on crown but all are very thin.please tell me how many time... READ MORE

Took finasteride for 3 weeks then quit due to side effects, had significant shedding, will the hair regrow?

I took finasteride for exactly 19 days and then quit due to sexual side effects. I got my dht levels tested prior and apparently it wasn't that high.... READ MORE

Regrowth of hair in male pattern baldness

Hi, I am Norwood 4 stage. Please help me to recover my hair. As I could not able to notice hair fall but my receding hairline and cortex region... READ MORE

I'm considering taking Finasteride to halt hair loss. What should I do to monitor side effects?

Routine blood tests, hormone tests, etc. I was prescribed Proscar for hairloss without taking into account my present hormone levels, etc. Is this... READ MORE

Should I start taking finasteride for hair loss? (photos)

I have been using generic minoxidil for 8 months now, the result isnt good but its there, hairloss is going vrazy and im just 17 years old,i added... READ MORE

How effective is Nizoral shampoo in the treatment of hair loss?

I know it won't help grow back lost hair and understand that it's not a heavy hitter like finasteride in battling hair loss, but I'm just wondering... READ MORE

What are other options for thinning hair besides Finasteride, Romaine, eating right, low stress etc?

I am 32 year old male that has male pattern thinning. Is there anything I can do in addition to Finasteride, Rogaine, eating healthy, adequate sleep,... READ MORE

Can I use modafinil and finasteride at the same time?

Hello I'm a shiftworker so i use the medicine modafinil, now lately i'm going bald, so my question is will there be a druginteraction when i use... READ MORE

Any side effects of Topical Tugain 10%?

Im 23, male. Was suffering from much hair loss..Its been 4 months, im daily applying tugain 10% and taking finasteride 1mg tab. Results are good so... READ MORE

Can my hair loss be slowed/reduced by reducing my DHT?

What reduced level of dht is considered most favorable in reducing hair loss. After taking 1 mg of finasteride for over one year now my dht level went... READ MORE

Information about latest treatments for hair loss and their effectiveness?

As stated above i would like to know about the treatments for MPB and their EFFECTIVENESS to stop MPB and their SIDE EFFECTS too ,when used for long... READ MORE

How to prevent hair loss during testosterone therapy?

I have low T and want to take Testosterone as a performance enhancer. I have a strong genetic history of hair loss in my family- I don't have hair... READ MORE

Is taking finasteride safe?

Hello, I just started taking the medicine finasteride for my hair loss. I am 21 years old. I am on a 5 MG dosage and was told to cut it into fourths... READ MORE

Will Finasteride help with scalp hair regrowth on a 26 year old, female with PCOS? My Dr. recently prescribed it to me.

I'm a 26 year old female with PCOS, who suffers from hair loss. My endocrinologist prescribed Finasteride (5 mg.) to help with my hair loss. I do not... READ MORE

If you use Finasteride every other day (one day on, one day off), is it as effective as if taken daily? Safe or not safe?

Reading some articles online were some people take it on & off. Curious to know if safe or can cause harm. READ MORE

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